PubCast #9: Mackenzie Phillips beds down with Metallica, and H1N1 Adds More Books to the Banned Books List

PubCast #9
(WARNING: This episode contains explicit language and is NSFW)
Rated R: Listener discretion is advised!

PubCast #9 in which the PubGuys discuss Mackenzie Phillips decision to spill the beans on dear ol’ dad. PG Mike finds his way, once again across the county line, to hang out with Metallica (oddly enough..not wearing parachute pants or Vans) while PG Terrill finds a big road block on his way to the hospital where he finds that H1N1 be damned…we are STILL going out!
Furthermore, the American Library Association decides books aren’t good after all (a list of books banned in the United States at one time or another)…and we argue about the magic of divining rods.

Intro: 9.Reggae para bebes by Volatil
Outro: You Only Believe Me When I’m lying (Live @ KEXP) by Zoe Muth and the Lost Highrollers

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This PubCast was proudly recorded at: Ye Olde Bull & Bush


  • Even the Yankee’s miss the playoffs, Tiger misses the cut, the Horns don’t go to a bowl game, and Arsenal does not qualify in the Champions League. So too can the PubGuys have a “not great” show. For a plethora of reasons that need not be discussed this was not our (mostly me) best effort. If this was your first show, please give us another chance. If it wasn’t, then you know we who we are and I don’t have to write this for you.

    Much advice has been given to me that says “Never apoligize for a bad show” but when it warrents it…

    • I love the fact that compared the PubGuys to the Yankees, Tiger Woods, UT and Arsenal. That’s some damn fine company we’re keeping.