PubCast #14: Tiger Goes Door to Door to Get Some Action Because He Can’t Watch Sports

PubCast #14

(WARNING: This episode contains some explicit language and is possibly NSFW)

In this episode of The PubGuys:

  • Tiger Woods sexes his way into our hearts.
  • Does TCU deserve a shot at the big game?
  • Bryan and Bud Light are vindicated
  • Terrill asks the question: Sports or Sex
  • One man’s creative way to pick up chicks.

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This episode of the PubGuys was proudly recorded at Rob’s Billiards in Ft. Worth.

Intro: The Final Rewind by Tryad

Outro: Out of It by Brad Sucks


  • Another great episode, partly because I had an appearance but still! And seriously, Mike, the Iowa Buckeyes? Come on! And for the record, yes, I have a nice ass, if I do say so myself (since I’m glad my brother didn’t comment).
    When are you adding Mike to the Pub Guys t-shirts? 🙂

    I told my one person, new date so he’s likely to oblige for brownie points!


    • Diana,
      Thanks for letting us know you have a nice ass. We were pretty sure we could tell by your voice, but Mike wouldn’t give up the secret.

      If you look at the background of our website, you can see that 4th stick figure representing Mike on the left. I will, hopefully, have this design on the products in the very near future. As soon as we do that, you will buy one, right?! 🙂

      Thanks for listening!

  • WOW….so I guess my read on Tiger’s impending doom was WAAAAYYYYYYY off-base. Although I think that the sponsor’s I mentioned are still with him. I will admit..I was wrong – PGB

  • Good show guys, But really when you say your sponsor works for a particuliar company… Make sure you get it RIGHT!!! FYI, I represent FARMERS INSURANCE!!! not statefarm… Mike loses one beer for this…