PubCast #47: The Rangers play Twister at the World Series

Solving the World’s Problems, One Beer at a Time

PubCast #47

WARNING – This episode is NSFWthanks to PG Bryan

On this episode of the only podcast with the courage to do every show from a pub:

  • the Rangers win, the Rangers win, the Rangers win – we knew it would happen
  • the PubGuys get distracted by the beautiful women of Redneck Heaven – Twister is now their fav game.
  • Google has decided to put its own twist on voice to text translation – Hi Matt
  • A Rod has people that want to kill him – other than everyone in Dallas
  • We take some PubShots – I’m Me calls 9-1-1 then crashes an airplane
  • Hic-ups drive a woman to murder – no, not herself
  • Everyone’s favorite segment – Death – including the Dallas Cowboys

Two or Twenty
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The trivia question is: “What does the ‘P’ in Roscoe P Coltrane stand for?”

Death Toll:

2010 Deaths Since 13 October

October 13
Andre Hudson aka Huddy Combs aka Huddy 6. American hip-hop Artist.

October 14
Benoit Mandlebrot. Polish born, French-American Mathematician (Father of Fractal Geometry).
Malcolm Allison (“Big Mal”). English football manager (Man City – 7 trophies in 7 years ). – PGHOF
Alain Le Bussy. Belgian science fiction author.

October 16
Barbara Billingsley. American Actress (June Cleaver: “Leave it to Beaver”). – PGHOF
Jack Butterfield. Canadian Sports Administrator. President of the American Hockey League). – PGHOF

October 17
Freddy Schuman. American Yankees Fan (metal pot with clover).
Michael Larsen (Eyedea). American Musician (Battle Rapper & freestyle Rhymer)
Dean Ross. American Entreprenuer (Red Castle Leather). – PGHOF

October 19
Tom Bosley. American Actor (Happy Days). – PGHOF

October 20
Bob Guccione. American Publisher (Penthouse & Caligula). – PGHOF

October 22
Alex Anderson. American Cartoonist (Rocky & Bullwinkle Show) – PGHOF

October 24
Joseph Stein. American Playwright (Fiddler on the Roof. Zorba). – PGHOF

October 25
The Dallas Cowboys Play-off hopes.

October 26
Paul the Octopus. World Cup Oracle and English Football Ambassador. – PGHOF

– PGHOF- denotes PubGuys Hall-of-Fame

The drinking game word of the day is “Sticky”

Please play along at home.

And, remember, the more you drink, the better we sound.

Cheers Bitches!

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Music featured in this PubCast:
Intro: On the Rock by Smiley
Mid: Split the Sheets by Richie Reinholdt
Outro: Just a Song by Braker Lane

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