Music of Girl Talk

As readers/listeners of the PubGuys you’ve likely gleaned by now that music is important to me. Very important. I lack the talent to play an instrument. I’m not a terribly good lyricist, although I do like to dabble. I don’t have the classical training to understand things like chord progressions. All of these things come naturally to so many of my friends and idols that I just sit back and drop my jaw in awe. So, I have to live vicariously through their talent and retreat into the relaxing tone baths that they so effortlessly create.

All that brings me to the purpose of this article: Gregg Gillis a.k.a. Girl Talk.
This man takes the lovingly crafted works of others and in a series of broadly brilliant strokes mashes them together into a wall of sound that is impossible to ignore. Girl Talk released his fifth album, All Day, last week, and like so much of the work he does, he’s giving it away for free. This is, simply put, a helluva an album. Go. Get. It.
It’s 71 minutes long and contains over 400 samples of music from all over the music genre map.

And, if that’s not enough, Benjamin Rahn, the founder of ActBlue and MixApp created a visual roadmap of the samples. Now, you can view – in Technicolor – the incredible amount of work that goes into a mashup album while you revel in its brilliance.

Download the album

Watch the album


  • I just discovered GirlTalk last week ironically, and I completely agree. The latest album conjured flashbacks of high school.

  • Kyle and Jorge,

    I am so glad you guys already got the new album. It is awesome. Black Sabbath and Ludacris, Three 6 Mafia and Nirvana, Ying Yang Twins and White Zombie, it is incredibly well done. The transitions are so smooth, Mr. Gillis almost makes it sound like these songs were supposed to go together like the Wizard of Oz and Dark Side of the Moon.

    Jorge – once you get done with All Day, ask Kyle or I for a copy of Night Ripper and Feed the Animals.