Beer Pong Balls – 6 Multi-color

Looking to get your holiday parties hopping. Need a little spice to the corporate shin-dig? Try these. guaranteed to cure the holiday doldrums and turn every party into a slathering, kick-ass event.

Beer Pong Balls – 6 Multi-color

  • 1 Star Celluloid Beer Pong Ballerz Balls Made in the U.S.A.
  • Multi-color – Blue, Gold, Red, Green, Yellow, Pink
  • Fun / Funny Imprinted Beer Pong Ballerz Balls
  • Different Fun / Funny Faces Imprinted on each Beer Pong Ball

6 Beer Pong Ballerz Balls:

Green – BEER PONG isn’t over, until the police come.

Yellow – Time for BEER PONG!

Red – Are my eyes as red as this ball?

Blue – It’s better to have a blue ball, than no ball.

Gold – If you can’t find this ball in the cup, you’ve been losing.

Pink – Seeking a BEER PONG princess?

List Price: $ 5.95
Price: $ 4.95