PubCast #50: Sharks Revealed to be AIDS free

Solving the World’s Problems, One Beer at a Time

PubCast #50

WARNING – This episode is marginally NSFW

On this episode of the only podcast with the courage to do every show from a pub the PubGuys storm the ever popular Redneck Heaven in Lewisville for some PGTerrill-bashing, a load of Bubba mugs and some conversation.

Our sponsor extraordinaire, Curtis of the The Haines Agency sat in due to PGTerrill’s absence; conversation was had. We ran the gamut twixt stem cell research, sharks, fantasy football, AIDS and more. Listen in and let us know what you think.

The word of the day is Animal
Drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink….marvelous drink!

And, remember, the more you drink, the better we sound.

Cheers Bitches!

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This episode of the PubGuys was proudly recorded at Redneck Heaven in Lewisville, TX

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  • Hey guys. Thanks for using our song, Smells Like Christmas Spirit! Anyone can download it for free at our website,


    • Dave,
      Thanks very much for releasing it under CC and allowing us to use it. Thanks also for the link. I’ve added it to the post, too.
      Happy Holidays!

  • Pubcast #50 was really good! I am listening to it, weeks later, and it is still good! Sadly, the sound that night at Redneck Heaven did not allow those of us at my table to actually “hear” you. I know now that I was just in a dead spot, and that other folks could hear you just fine.
    But, since I’m just now hearing it, I can’t help myself … I have to weigh in on the Michael Vick conversation! (I know, you’re surprised!)

    Michael Vick did serve time and pay fines for the crimes he was convicted of, and it has been argued to death that he should therefore be allowed now to perform his “job.” You all know how I feel about that—his job as a pro football player makes him a role model and a “hero” and while I do believe that he should be allowed to make “a living,” I think it’s deplorable for the NFL to re-hire such people, and for them to be welcomed back with open arms and giant paychecks and autograph books!

    That having been said, Michael Vick DID NOT PAY AT ALL, for many of the crimes he committed. He had the money to hire the best lawyers, who were able to plea bargain his ass out of what many people perceive as his more heinous crimes. He paid for the crime of running a cruel dog-fighting ring–specifically bankrolling it. So, what I figure he “learned” is simply to invest his money differently. He did not pay for the crime of animal cruelty … at all!

    Here’s a quote from a blog written by one of the investigators of the Bad Newz Kennels, owned by Vick:

    “The details that got to me then and stay with me today involve the swimming pool that was used to kill some of the dogs. Jumper cables were clipped onto the ears of underperforming dogs, then, just like with a car, the cables were connected to the terminals of car batteries before lifting and tossing the shamed dogs into the water.
    We don’t know how many suffered this premeditated murder, but the damage to the pool walls tells a story. It seems that while they were scrambling to escape, they scratched and clawed at the pool liner and bit at the dented aluminum sides like a hungry dog on a tin can.

    “I wear some pretty thick skin during our work with dogs, but I can’t shake my minds-eye image of a little black dog splashing frantically in bloody water … screaming in pain and terror … brown eyes saucer wide and tiny black white-toed feet clawing at anything, desperate to get a hold. This death did not come quickly. The rescuer in me keeps trying to think of a way to go back in time and somehow stop this torture and pull the little dog to safety. I think I’ll be looking for ways to pull that dog out for the rest of my life.”

    Vick did all that and more to his dogs, and even threw family pets into the pit with fighters and laughed while they were mauled, according to a witness who testified to federal investigators.

    So, now, you Pub Guys ask your fans if we think Michael Vick should be “forgiven” and allowed to adopt a dog for his daughter? Really?
    I am saddened that his daughter may never know the pleasure of bonding with a puppy and making a lifelong friend who will love her unconditionally. But, it ends there. The things he’s done are markers that the professionals look for when identifying serial killers. This man has proven a disregard for life and complete disrespect for animals, and has shown a history of taking joy in actively torturing them and although his spin-doctors have aligned him with the ASPCA and he now lectures against the wrongs of dogfighting … he has not addressed, much less apologized for the pleasure he seems to have gleaned from willfully torturing and/or killing the dogs that weren’t useful enough to him. Not only should he not be allowed to own a dog—he should not be entrusted with cats or guinea pigs or hamsters, either. I’m pretty sure he shouldn’t be allowed much access to children, either. I’m thinking perhaps an ant farm.

    But, please … continue to put him on your fantasy football teams!

    • Before I begin I want to say what Vick did was despicable and I would love to see him attacked and mauled by an angry pack of Boston Terriers.
      That said, I have to disagree with you on a few points.

      He is NOT a role model. The days of the big sports athlete being the apple of every kids eye is all but dead. If you ask the average 11 year old boy he will certainly state that he likes this player or this player and may even wear that players number on his tee shirt, but if you ask him “what do you want to be when you grow up” you will rarely, if ever, hear them say “I want to be Michael Vick.” Instead, you hear, the much more generic, I want to play for Cowboys, or the Longhorns, etc. I think this is mainly due to the actions of professionally athletes over the last few years/decades. With drugs, killings, beatings of dogs, wives, girl friends, random bar patrons, and each other, the only people these athletes are a hero to is criminals.

      I do agree what part of your point but I attribute it to more of a societal issue. Does the punishment fit the crime? It would seem to me that you do not believe so. You believe that he should have been stripped from his ability to have a profession in which he is clearly a master. While certainly this is punishment, I don’t believe it is the role of government to dictate it. If his crime is that bad, he should still be in jail. Or his fine should be so substantial that any earnings from his job would go right back to the victims of his crimes.

      • I don’t think she’s calling for the man to be unemployed; I don’t think that at all. I do think she’s calling for the punishment to fit the crime. An unspoken (unwritten) accusation in her comment is that “some are more equal than others”. I am in full agreement with her on that. Had Vick struggled through college, not gotten drafted (regardless of his skill level) and found himself in a dead-end job would he have gotten off with only a 2 year sentence a hefty fine and some community service work? The curmudgeon in me says definitely not and, sadly, it’s a completely unprovable point which makes it rather moot.
        I don’t always advocate the Old Testament form of punishment, but as you indicated, Terrill, I think that “an eye for an eye” level of punishment is appropriate here.
        I also heartily disagree with your assertion that professionals aren’t role-models. The moment an Eagles #7 jersey with the name Vick emblazoned on it gets purchased or donned, then the role-model stereotype is once again re-enforced in the common mind. Even the smallest of children know that when they grow up they cannot “be Michael Vick” but they can certainly be like Michael Vick – and that scares me. And, whether they specifically state Michael Vick’s name on their Kindergarten “What do you want to be when you grow questionnaire” or not is immaterial. Those children are sitting at their Gramp’s knee watching these footballers and thinking “I want to do that when I grow up”. Well, that’s Michael Vick they’re watching. Would you be OK with that self-same starry-eyed idolatry if they were sitting at Gramp’s knee watching a biopic about Jeffrey Dahmer? Of course not. So, why is it ok to watch and idolize a dog-murderer?
        The man has a right to earn a living. Just, please, make that living in some job where he can in no way be construed as a hero or role-model and please, for the love of all that is right and sane and good in this world, keep him away from dogs!

  • You are right Kyle, I would not… Just like I would not (and do not) allow him to idolize a steroid user, wife beater, murderer, or even just a plane old cheater. I teach my son to appreciate the sport and the skill and the good and honorable player. Perfect example… Next time you see my son ask him how he likes one of the greatest Longhorn players of all time… Ricky Williams.

  • we all agree that Michael Vick is a terrible person. I personally do not approve of him, but at the same time I dont begrudge him making a living doing what he was trained to do. However, I hold the Eagles responsible for giving him a job on the national stage again. The problem is there is no rules saying you cant hire a criminal in the NFL. So the eagles went out and picked up a bargain for a back up QB. Then because he is still young enough to be viable he has become their starter. Again at a cheap price.

    So we can talk all day about what a vile person Vic is. When there is a team who is willing to give the spotlight to someone like Vic the only thing we can do is boycot the eagles to make them financialy suffer for their choices.

    However I think that is going to be hard to do, specially when you have the president of the United States calling the organization and congradulating them on giving Vic a second chance. So how can we try to expect the world to revile him when National leaders are praising him for his “Change”.

    So which story is the true one? He is a non-repentent sociopath or he is someone who is trying to learn from his mistakes and move forward? Do we give grace or continue to censure him?

    That is the hard question.

  • I wish I were able to make it tonight b/c I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to give my 2 cents on this one. The depths of hell are to good for this piece of trash. Yes I know we are supposed to forgive & forget & it’s not my place to judge. But the th…ings he did to these animals, the torture, the hangings of these innocent loving creatures… may God forgive me, but I hope this piece of trash rots in the worst area of hell. Even that would be too good for him. Go home tonight & look into the eyes of that loving creature that shares their loving hearts w/you, & tell us that Vick has repaid his debts to society. I cant even think about it w/out crying my heart out.