1920′s Reporter Guy with Mack Brown

1920’s Reporter Guy gets a hold of Mack Brown and asks the really tough questions.

Great American Microbrewery Beer Book

Want to show off your knowledge of today’s craft beer scene or just want to learn more? This book is for you. It’s my go-to book on the exploding craft beer scene here in the US. Great American Microbrewery Beer Book With profiles of more than 325 of America’s most popular microbreweries and photos of […]

The Bad Beer Guide – 7 Ways to Tell If Your Beer Has Gone Off

Everyone’s gone to the bar and had a beer that just was not right, but you couldn’t quite finger what exactly was wrong with it. Well this list will help you explain to the hapless barman just exactly what is wrong with your beer and what you’d like done about it. Foggy or cloudy in appearance but […]

Top 5 Selling Types of Craft Beer in the US

UPDATE: This is a list of the top 5 selling craft beer styles in the U.S. The Symphony IRI Group released some stats that encapsulate the consumption of beer styles from 1 January – 31 October 2010. These stats are based on the purchase (scanned sales only) of said beer types from retail outlets (Grocery […]

My Thoughts on Texas Beer Legislation

Texas Brewpub Legislation Two bills have been introduced in this current state legislative session that could have a pretty serious impact on the archaic Texas brewing laws The bills are: HB 660 and HB 602. HB 660 is sponsored by San Antonio Representative Mike Villarreal (D) and seeks to allow brewpubs the option of bottling […]

Why You Should Support a Statewide Smoking Ban in Texas

This is a blog post from my personal blog at The views reflected here do not necessarily represent the views of the PubGuys. Believe it or not, they can speak for themselves. – PG Terrill The 82nd Texas Legislative Session is in full swing and two bills have been introduced to ban smoking in […]

This week the PubGuys will be broadcasting LIVE over the Interwebs

We have finally hit the big time! Come join us at and listen to the show as it happens. We are preparing for some great debate and the happy hour banter you have come accustom to. While we will miss seeing each of you at the pub…we look forward reaching our fans show can’t […]

Coopers Brewery Micro-Brew Beer Kit

I’ve been waxing here and there about beer and the virtues of making your own. When you start (not if, because I know you will), I highly encourage you to start with a good kit. Kits make it so much easier and will enable you to create that first batch relatively easily (in comparison). Coopers […]

Caps and Taps: PubGuys News

Circle Brewing Austin, Texas rolled out their first beer – BLUR Texas Hefe – last week and became the latest addition to a fast growing brewery collection in Texas. Austin and Houston have been adding new breweries at a breath taking pace as have many smaller towns and communities in the state. Many of […]

The Razzies

The Golden Globes are behind us with all their glitz, glamour and drinking. The Oscars are right around the corner with yet more glitz and glamour and a huge helping of gloss. In between, and far more anticipated, are the venerable Razzies in their 31st year of (dis)honoring all the schlock that Hollywood continues to […]

The Best Submarine Movies

Easily one of my favorite movie genre’s. What better way to create tension than to shove a bunch of men (and sometimes women) in a tube, put them under water and shoot at them. On to the list… #10: K-19: The Widowmaker (2002) Harrison Ford and Liam Neeson. – When the Soviet Unions first nuclear […]

Traditional Beer and Cider Making

If you’re a beer lover like I’m a beer lover than you have undoubtedly at least thought about brewing your own. If you’re even more like me, then you’ve invested $100 or so on some carboys, hoses, spigots, bottles etc. and even tried your hand at a batch or two. Making your own beer can […]

PubGuys Classic Clip #1: PG Terrill Drunk Dials From Brussels (PubCast #6)

PubGuys Classic Clip #1 Runtime 3:37 WARNING – This clip is NSFW With over a year’s worth of shows under our belt we thought we would go back and pull some classic clips from past shows. This first one comes from one of our most popular shows: “PubCast #6: Sam Bradford Drunk Dials from Belgium, […]

PubCast #53: Calling All Witches, Bartenders, Drivers, Actors and Athletes

Solving the World’s Problems, One Beer at a Time PubCast #53 WARNING – This episode is NSFW – On this episode of the PubGuys – The Sports Bar in a PodCast: PGMike has road-rage The PubGuys get into the psyche of a bartender – what pisses her off? Tune in to find out how you […]

Jets vs Patriots

This is the very best description of the Jets vs Patriots game that I could find.

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