Happy New Year!!..Ain’t quite what it used to be..

And away we go into 2011!  Seems like 2010 was a blur…and now we are forced to focus on 2011.  Clearly a sign of getting old is the coming and going of yet another holiday season, and the only feeling I am left with is relief that we can finally just relax for a while.

No mad dash to figure out where to get the last few gifts, no gnashing of teeth about what family members will get what days for celebration, no more having to figure out what the hell to do with all those empty toy boxes that take up so much frickin’ room in the garage!  Spare the “Christmas isn’t what it should be” discussion..I realize we have twisted it..that’s not the point here..my point is purely that as I have become older..I find this to be more of a scheduling challenge than a festive season..and that is really too bad.  I realize I should stop and smell the roses, the kids won’t be little for long.  Still, understanding what I should be doing, and reconciling what is on my list to do is getting harder as the days go by.

But as I said..it is 2011..so here is hoping I get a bit better at it this year!

Hope to see you all at an upcoming PubGuys show!