PubGuys Top 10 Hottest Weather Chicks

Everyone loves lists so the PubGuys proudly present the sure to be highly controversial list of the hottest weather women in America.

#10:  Jennifer Carfagno – The Weather Channel

Jennifer Carfagno

What is not to like about that skirt!

#9: Stephanie Abrams – The Weather Channel

You have see Stephanie on before… not only is she extremely easy on the eyes but she has a very saucy delivery.

#8: Amy Freeze – WFLD – Chicago

WFLD is not afraid to parade Amy around the Chicago’s sporting events… I wonder why?

#7: Indra Peterson – KABC – Los Angeles

LA sure loves their weather chicks and Indra does not disappoint. There are better images out there, but I just couldn’t resist this one… makes you just want to get close and keep her warm.

#6: Elita Loresca – KNBC – Los Angeles

Like I said, LA knows weather girls. Guess when the weather is the same year around you need something to attract an audience… Elita does the trick nicely.

#5: Jillian Barberie (Reynolds) – Fox Sports

An important part of any football game is the weather. Thank goodness Fox Sports’ NFL Sunday saw fit hire Jillian to let us know what to expect. I’d call her anytime.

#4: Maria Molina – Fox News

Fox does it again with this foxy addition to the news. Fair and balanced indeed.

#3: Jackie Johnson – KCBS – Los Angeles

Not to be outdone by the other channels KCBS hits a three pointer from way down town with Jackie.

#2: Domenica Davis – WNBC – New York

There is no shortage of great images of Domenica out there and it is easy to see why she is so popular. Wow.

#1: Jackie Guerrido – Univision

No translation needed here. She speaks a language every guy understands.

Did we leave out your favorite? Post link here!