PubPack #5: Paik & B.R.M.C. meet Lost Immigrants and Vespa Victoria

Solving the World’s Problems, One Beer at a Time
WARNING: Some of the content is marginally NSFW
PubPack #5

Well, my voice is still not fully healed so there’s quite a bit of bass rumbling and scratchy going on; but, that’s ok as it neatly matches the music.

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Happy New Year to each and all!

The music played in this episode:
Album: Monster of the Absolute
Phantoms by Paik
Album: Satin Black
Jayne Field by Paik

Beat The Devil’s Tattoo by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Album: The Effect of 333
Sedated With sterilized Tongues by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Also, check out the Twilight: New Moon Soundtrack for more excellent music including another song by B.R.M.C.

Album: Ft. Worth (Live)
Ghosts You Can See by Lost Immigrants
Dixie Queen by Lost Immigrants

Summer Blouses by Vesta Victoria
Poor John by Vespa Victoria

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The Haines Agency
East Wind Games
A Wardrobe in Time

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