The Bad Beer Guide – 7 Ways to Tell If Your Beer Has Gone Off

Everyone’s gone to the bar and had a beer that just was not right, but you couldn’t quite finger what exactly was wrong with it. Well this list will help you explain to the hapless barman just exactly what is wrong with your beer and what you’d like done about it.

Foggy or cloudy in appearance but with a taste of fresh apples or sulfur

Cause: It’s a fresh cask (keg) that hasn’t settled.
Solution: Suck it up, it won’t hurt you.

Warm to the tongue

Cause: Slow turnover and/or warm beer lines.
Solution: Get a new beer.

Warm to the touch

Cause: Generally caused by a newly washed glass.
Solution: Get a new beer – in a new glass.

Flat , dull and generally lacking in character

Cause: It’s an old cask (keg).
Solution: Get a different beer.

Cloudy with undesirable tastes

Cause: Caused by an old cask where the yeast or bacteria is in suspension.
Solution: Get a new beer.

Unusual or undesirable tastes (e.g. sweat, celery, sour)

Cause: Bacterial infection.
Solution: Get a new beer – at a different pub.

Tastes like sewers, wood, plastic or creosote

Cause: Caused by a wild yeast infection.
Solution: Get a new beer – at a different pub – in a different town.