14 Bands I Have Seen in Concert More Than Once

In the interest of full disclosure, I see a LOT of music. I have been the webmaster for many bands over the years and currently am the webguy for three different musical acts. I go to a lot of Renaissance Festivals, Irish Festivals and Scottish Festivals all over the U.S. and keep my ear close to the local music scene. Consequently, I have seen a LOT of music in my life and in the case of the festivals and local bands, I’ve seen most of them way more than once – some of them I’ve seen hundreds of times (The Rogues, The Blarney Brothers, Queen Anne’s Lace and Iris & Rose come immediately to mind). These are NOT the groups that this post is about; they deserve their own post. I’m talking specifically about national or even international acts that you have a pretty good chance of hearing on the radio and that I, personally, have paid good money to go see in concert more than once. Likely, because I’m getting older and will as a matter of course forget some, this will not be comprehensive; But, it’s guaranteed to be diverse.

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Brave Combo Brave Combo
I know I said this was not about local acts but Denton isn’t really local. And, the chances of hearing them on the radio are pretty good – if you listen to KTX or KNON or (back in the day) KERA.

Morrissey Morrissey
I include Morrissey more out of frustration than anything else. While I love his music, his concerts leave something to be desired. I have seen him twice with each concert lasting less than 45 minutes.

The Beach Boys The Beach Boys
There was an eight year stretch where the Beach Boys came through Arlington to play at the old Rangers ball park. The ninth and final year they played at the Starplex in Dallas. During that stretch they did a series of solo shows, but they also brought amazing opening acts that I’d have never gotten to see without the Beach Boys.

The Monkees The Monkees
I saw the Monkees first when they opened for the Beach Boys. Great show, perhaps even better than the Boys themselves. When they next came through, I saw them at Starplex where Davey Jones was definitely showing his age. I don’t believe they toured again after that.

Neil Diamond Neil Diamond
The first time I saw Neil Diamond was with my parents in 1976 or ’77 at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City. I was 9 or 10 years old and thus was I introduced to the wonders of live music. I have since seen Neil Diamond perhaps another dozen times and he remains one of my favorite live artists of all time.

Van Halen Van Halen
Van Halen I have seen several times. I saw them with David Lee Roth and I saw them with Sammy Hagar. Completely different style shows, but put me squarely in DLR’s camp – who I have also seen when he came through solo.

U2 U2
I saw U2 first at the Bronco Bowl when they came through with their very small, but my gods energetic, October tour. Some years later, I saw them at Tarrant County Convention Center for the excellent The Joshua Tree tour (they filmed part of Rattle and Hum that night). The next time I saw them was at Texas Stadium with Zooropa. Their shows got better and better over the years and never faltered in energy.

Bruce Springsteen Bruce Springsteen
Bruce Springsteen played 2 nights at the Cotton Bowl in 1986 or ’87. I got tickets and went to the first night’s show as I had tickets the following night to see Tears for Fears at the Bronco Bowl. Unfortunately, my date went into labor about 1/2 way through the Boss’s engagement and I had to rush her to Baylor Hospital. She felt so bad (it was false labor, by the way) that she bought us tickets to return to the show the next night. So, I’ve seen Bruce Springsteen twice, but have never seen Tears for Fears.

The Cure The Cure
First time I saw The Cure in concert, I fell asleep and someone lit my shoes on fire. I had to go back and see them again after that.

Meat Loaf Meatloaf
Meatloaf is a local Garland boy, so it’s no surprise that I’ve seen him several times. I’ve managed both free shows and paid shows with this amazingly entertaining performer. My only sadness from his shows is that he seemingly refuses to perform that Rock standard Hot Patootie from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Styx Styx
Styx were one of my first great rock loves. I saw them every time they came throughout the 80s. When my wife and I got married we discovered a common love of the band and when Styx started their several year streak of reunion concerts, we went – every time.

Rush Rush
Great studio musicians. A little boring in concert, but they sure are loud! Saw the Moving Pictures and Power Windows tours. Almost went to Roll the Bones, but chose not to at the last minute.

Kansas Kansas
Another of those bands that my wife and I share a common love for and have together seen a few times. We caught a free show in West End Marketplace in Dallas very early in our courtship.

R.E.M. R.E.M.
I have seen these guys exactly twice. The first time I saw them at the State Fair Bandshell with 300 or so other fans. I played frisbee with them before the show not realizing with whom it was that I was throwing the disc. That was Lifes Rich Pageant. Later on, I saw the Green tour. And, while that second concert was excellent in its own right, that first experience in such a small venue will forever be one of my favorite concerts.

That’s it for now. As I mentioned up front, I’m sure I have forgotten some – probably several. And, I have not included all the festival and local acts I have seen multiple times over the years. That’s for a separate post.

Have your own bands you’ve seen a few times? Leave them in the comments.


See you at the next concert.

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  • Another good list topic!

    I’ve seen Van Halen about 8 times, but all with Hagar. Apparently we were at several of the Beach Boys concerts at the same time, although I only remember going two or three times. Saw them in a Concert in the Park near Bachman Lake (I think) once, too. Bon Jovi I saw twice, but once was as an opening act at a Texxas Jam – I’d never heard of them before that. Aerosmith is another one I’ve seen two times; once before sobriety and once after, so in a lot of ways this is really two different bands and not sure it counts here. Whitesnake and Garth Brooks I saw twice as well. I saw the Rolling Stones in the Cotton Bowl and in Zilker Park – both rank very high in my favorite concerts of all time!
    And if you count Brave Combo, then I’ll add Two Tons of Steel (at least a dozen times), Darryl Lee Rush (4), Walt Wilkins (at least 6 with and without the Mystiqueros), Morrison Williams (2), the Derailers (2), and Dale Watson (2).