HB602: I Sent This Letter – You Can, Too!

This letter can also be sent in support of HB660.

I just sent the following email (basic template provided by Rahr & Sons Brewery) to my State Representative in support of HB602 and you can, too. Just copy the letter that follows, change your representatives name (get your representative’s name and district) (get your representative’s email) and sign your name at the bottom.

It’s that easy – and that important.

Help HB602 pass.


Dear Representative Patrick:

I am writing to express my strong support of HB 602 on behalf of all craft and microbreweries in Texas . This bill is critical for small Texas breweries. Here are the key reasons why:

This bill will help microbreweries in Texas grow, add jobs and compete with out-of-state breweries that have the same rights we are requesting in their home states. Out-of-state breweries can and do use their profits to fund their selling efforts against us.

This bill will benefit not only Texas microbrewers but also distributors and retailers as more Texas craft beer is sold via the distribution system in the state. Markets like this are not zero sum games; this is clearly a situation in which total sales will increase with passage of this bill as has occurred in ALL other states where breweries have these rights.

The Texas Craft Brewers Guild supports this legislation.

There is strong public support for this bill, craft beer consumers have been vocal about wanting to see this legislation pass and the press has been active in following and reporting on this bill.

Please help in ensuring that this bill passes as this issue is very important to not only customers but to all Texas microbreweries.


Kyle Caruthers