How To Say “Beer” in 49 Languages

I’m a traveller. I like to travel whether it’s a solo trip, a business trip or (best option) a trip with my wife. When I do travel one of the things I love most to do is scout out local beers and breweries and drink what the locals drink. I have also found over the decades, that saying just the single word in a questioning manner will get you exactly what you want. So now, my good friend and fellow PubGuy, PGTerrill is soon to take a trip to a place that neither he nor I have ever been. Therefore, between my love for travel and his heading off to a new, exotic(ish) locale, I put together this list of words so that no matter where he goes, I go or you go in this large, strange, wonderful world, you can say beer in the native language.

If the alphabet is Cyrillic or Greek, I have attempted to provide a pronunciation. For the rest, you’ll have to muddle through with the pronunciation just like I do. A couple of beers always helps.
Or, you can print it out and just point. I’ve provided a handy PDF for you to do just that. The PubGuys are here to help!
Download: PubGuys Guide: How to Say Beer in 49 Languages

How To Say Beer
Language Beer Brewery
Afrikaans bier brouwerij
Albanian birrë fabrikë birre
Azerbaijani pivə pivə zavodu
Basque garagardoa  
Belarusian піва (piva) піваварны завод (pivavarny zavod)
Bulgarian бира (bira) пивоварна (pivovarna)
Catalan cervesa fàbrica de cervesa
Croatian pivo pivara
Czech pivo pivovar
Danish øl bryggeri
Dutch bier brouwerij
Estonian õlu õllevabrik or õlletehas
Filipino serbesa serbeserya
Finnish olut olutpanimo or panimo
French bière brasserie
Galician cervexa cervexa
German Bier Brauerei
Greek μπίρα (bíra) ζυθοποιείο (zythopoieío)
Haitian Creole byè Brasri
Hungarian sör sörfőzde
Icelandic bjór  
Indonesian bir tempat pembuatan bir
Irish (Gaelic) beoir grúdlann
Italian birra birreria or
fabbrica di birra
Japanese biiru jouzousho
Latvian alus alusdarītava
Lithuanian alus alaus darykla
Macedonian пиво (pivo) пивара (pivara)
Malay bir tempat pembuatan bir
Maltese birra birrerija
Norwegian øl bryggeri
Polish piwo browar
Portugese cerveja cervejaria
Romanian bere fabrică de bere or berar
Russian пиво (pivo) пивоваренныйзавод (pivovarennyi zavod)
Serbian пиво (pivo) пивара (pivara)
Slovak pivo pivovar
Slovenian pivo pivovarna
Spanish cerveza fábrica de cerveza or cervecería
Swahili bia kampuni ya bia
Swedish öl bryggeri
Turkish bira bira fabrikasi
Ukranian пиво (pyvo) пивоварний завод (pyvovarnyy zavod)
Welsh cwrw bragdy


And, now for a couple you’ll never use but are fun to know anyway.

How To Say Beer
Esperanto biero bierfarejo
Latin cerevisia bracino

Drink the good drink!