Nascar Crashes Compilation

Whether you like it or not, crashes are a part of the NASCAR sport – just as much as fighting is a part of hockey and flopping is a part of soccer. We’d rather not see it happen, but it does. Unlike the flopping allegory, however, when crashes occur, it can be pretty spectacular.

Here’s a compilation to help you get ready for the 4 day wait before the next race.

None were fatal, everyone survived.

The song is “Focus Shall Not Fail” by All That Remains.


  • MrSouthphillyitalian

    Nascar aint the same no more

  • baldwinjackson41

    at 0:46 hes like “hell yea im a beast”

  • to all the NASCAR haters

    2 words


  • @Bhanshee; lol I know I’m wrong… thats why i’m kinda looking for the answer, cuz I know nothing about nascar racing 😛

  • @TheQneb Because it’s more exhilerating to watch 40 drivers nose to tail challenging for the lead lap upon lap upon lap than to watch the top F1 team 10mins ahead of everybody else lap after lap all on their own.

  • @ahStarwok You couldn’t be more wrong. The cars are obligated by rules to weigh no less than 3500lbs, which I wager is twice the weight of the car you might be driving. At 200mph – which is approx 400+ kph – a car suddenly turning sideways or backwards is slammed by an enourmous amount of air that will lift it up (just like an airplane wing). The cars are not made out of paper, they are made out of sheetmetal, a much more sturdy and heavy material than other forms of motorsport.

  • I barely watch nascar… but can someone tell if those cars are weak (their exterior)? It seems like the cars are so light that when they crash they keep spinning and going till they completely stop…. I know they were going really fast but it looks like they are paper cars and when they crash the car is totally trashed.

  • I’ve allways wondered how people can think driving in a ROUND circuit is interesting.. but i didint know they even crash on so simple circuit lool 😀 I bet everyone in america just watches nascar because of crashes, i mean who would watch cars drive a god damn round circuit for hours… damn.

  • @wwekellyandjeff wow that’s crazy man

  • @CaptainJohnBates haha pwnd sucker =D

  • @Cunelito luckily for me, I love nascar, I’m on;y 13, and I know how to start the car. Poor losers, It’s like they don’t even care about driving cars faster then your supposed too, good comment btw.

  • Nascar should be stopped, its a waste of gas.


  • wwekellyandjeff

    You don’t just have to WATCH NASCAR if you are close to the place where the race is at, you can go see it, and you could just camp there (Yes they do have campers all over the place at races) and hang out with family OR see all the crazy stuff people do! Believe me, one time someone filled the back of their truck with water for a “redneck pool” and when I went their, my friend put a hose with tiny holes on her camper, and it just gave a little mist. I go to the races every year.

  • damn that shit was crazy.

  • CaptainJohnBates

    @smosh99fan Shut up!

  • @CaptainJohnBates no its a motor sport, its better than regular sport

  • lool montoya has bad luck

  • @businessim08 because it actually gets pretty competitive/intense. plus the whole new tail drafting makes everything faster and faster.

  • 0:41: Wee!!!! 😀 Wait…. NOSEDIVE!

  • OMG, That looks fun.

  • you know what should be counted as the most terrible crash? Dale Earnhardt Sr’s death crash in 2001

  • Hell yeah! now thats what I am talking about!!!

  • some bad crashes

  • 1:34 – 1:45