Top 14 Beer Styles by Fermentation Type

Despite the fact that there are many, many varieties of beer out there, the classification system can be boiled down to only two styles: Top-Fermented beer and Bottom-Fermented beer. In top-fermented beer, the yeast sits on top of the wort as it ferments. In the other type, bottom-fermented beer, the yeast sinks to the bottom for fermentation. It’s a large distinction and should be noted.
Below are the top 7 beers fermented by each method.

Top-Fermented Styles Bottom-Fermented Styles
Ales Lagers
Stouts Pilsners
Porters Viennas
Weissbiers Rauchbiers
Witbiers Bocks
Berliner Weisse Dortmunder
Lambic Märzen