Top Ten Sports Movies

In yet another highly controversial subject that the PubGuys are not afraid to take on we present to you the Top 10 Sports Movies:

10. Brian’s Song – The movie that made it ok to cry about sports.

9. Bad News Bears – The kids remind us of the way we were… OK, they way the PubGuys were as kids, not necessarily you.

8. Miracle – Who do you play for? One of the greatest sports moments in American history is finally on film.

7. Major League – The quotable lines alone from this movie ensure it a place in the top 10. “How’s your wife and my kids?”

6. Bull Durham – Another very quotable movie and the story behind the minors. “Strikeouts are boring. Besides that they’re fascist.”

5. Caddyshack – Sensing a theme here? “It’s in the hole.”

4. Hoosiers – The best sports stories are always based in truth. That is why we love sports. Especially when the drunk guy is the hero.

3. Rocky – Sports is about the thing that we all possess that causes us to excel above and beyond. Rocky is about that thing. Yo Adrian.

2. The Natural – Even when you are washed up and out of luck, the human spirit can prevail. Especially in sports!

1. Raging Bull – Sometimes we achieve greatness despite our ability to destroy ourselves. How true is this?

I’m sure all of you agree one hundred percent!


  • OK…not bad..but you left some big sports movies off this list.

    Friday Night Lights – Come are FROM Texas..and this movie gives a great view into the psyche of high school football in Texas
    Remember the Titans – I really like this movie..and have to stop down every time that it is on
    The Legend of Bagger Vance – This movie surprised me…wasn’t at all what I thought it was gonna be
    Days of Thunder – is NASCAR a sport..I know that feedback is coming. However, I think it is..and even though it is Tom Cruise I still like the move
    Rudy – Really don’t need to say anything about this movie.
    Dodgeball – Teehee…it makes me laugh

  • The Natural is an atrocious movie. Truly awful.

    Tin Cup is a lot of fun but not sure it makes the top 10. The Replacements, however, surely does! It has a ridiculous plot, forgettable score, and Keanu Reeves but passes the TNT test (when you come across it on TNT or some other station you stop and watch it) every time! “Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory lasts forever.”

  • You forgot about ‘Ice Castles.’