Top 10 Goals October 2008 EPL

The Top 10 Goals from the English Premier League October 2008

1.Grant Leadbitter
2.Peter Crouch
4.Juliano Belletti
5.Amr Zaki
6.Kieran Richardson
7.Steve Sidwell
8.Frank Lampard
9.David Bentley
10.Jermaine Jenas


  • @copsondonuts i wasnt making any joke about the padding, its true that they wear pads. How is that a joke? I actually know alot about the complexities as ive played the sport before and i enjoyed it. I prefer rugby and football though and rugby players aren’t pussies mate, they’re hard. Basically don’t come on a video about football and say its crap, you’re entitled to your opinion but you’re just trolling

  • @19Wylds95 American football is far superior to that wimpy game of rugby. missing teeth….wow…its a bunch of ninnies rolling around on the ground and tossing the ball away so as not to get a weak ‘tackle’. (if thats what you people call ‘tackles’. i hit harder when i was a kid). and as usual, the jokes about the padding shows your utter ignorance of the sport and its complexities. go watch your basic-rookie level sports. altho rugby gets SOME props for being the grandpappy of our football.

  • @copsondonuts rugby is more manly than american football, no padding, more injuries, alot of teeth missing. American football is only played in america whereas football and rugby are played all over the world so dont even try and say that american football is better

  • You missed Torres goal vs Blackburn and bently goal was a mistake for the keeper rather than a awesome goal!

  • @copsondonuts No, the reason i insulted is because you insulted our sport, i don’t mind people having an opinion, every1 is entitled to one. But theres no point trolling on a video and i have this arguement so many times with Americans and i’m sick of it. I’ve never commented anything bad on an American Football video so lets just settle it here, as we are both being immature, and say we are both entitled to our opinions. Ok??

  • @kingpong001 no my first comment was about flopping, maybe it got cross-threaded or deleted or whatever the fuck. either way its too late. and as usual, you dolts dont know the rules so you insult. you dont have the brain power to understand the complexities. and rugby is a bunch of sissies flinging the ball so they wont get waist-tackled (wimp-tackle). now go and watch your low brow unintelligent game who’s season goes on forever.

  • @copsondonuts
    Being easy to play is why its so good, all you need is a football. I wouldn’t want to waste my time with all the rules of American Football cause that is boring, and yeah your right i don’t have a clue what the rules in American Football are. But do i care?? No. Just stop trolling and your first comment was ‘your game stinks’ so stfu and go look at some videos of your own crappy sport and stop insulting the greatest sport ever.

  • @kingpong001 no it is NOT fact. what IS fact is that its easy to play needing ONLY a ball. and it’s a BASIC game, so its easy for a bunch of third world nations to participate. use your noodle idiot (‘noodle’ means brain.) i could care less if you find it boring, its prolly cuz you dont understand it AT ALL, most brits dont.. i came on here to talk about ‘flopping’ and all i got in return was insults about our version of football, hence why im haggling. now go eat ur fish pie.

  • @copsondonuts
    Yes it will be because it is more popular, that isn’t arrogance thats fact. Rugby is basically the same as American footbal apart from its more manly. And i find American Football boring so i can say that that stinks, its all opinion. So if you don’t like football then why come on a football video and post some silly comment. Keep it to yourelf.

    Also for your info Tottenham were fighting relegation a few seasons ago, and look at Blackpool… that is why football is brilliant 😀

  • @kingpong001 you call us ‘arrogant’ yet say that ur crappy sport will always be superior. who cares how ‘popular’ a sport is you doofus. being ‘popular’ doesnt make it better. ive watched world cup, premier and champion league and they all stink. rugby is also silly to watch. and YES it is usually the SAME 4 TEAMS who rise to the top in the PL. chelsea, arsenal, totten and manu. i didnt say WIN IT every year, i said ‘dominating’. jesus, you english have NO reading comprehension.

  • @copsondonuts
    Yes the same 4 teams who win every year?? Clearly because City and Tottenham have always been there….
    American Football isn’t superior or else the whole world would be playing it and not 1 arrogant and big headed nation. Football is the most popular sport in the wolrd and always will be the most superior!

  • johnson02glen

    This video show the EPL 08/09 best goals in OCTOBER!

  • scaryninja1693

    @copsondonuts There’s a reason why most American sports are only the most popular sports in America. The ‘world series’ for example is played only by America and Canada, thats a pretty small ‘world’ then isn’t it? Besides, why are you watching a video of football if you dont like it? I believe that qualifies you to be a ‘Troll’ as youtubers call it. Plus your view on football is based on one league, when football is played all over the world. Are you smiling? Its just i heard ignorance is bliss.

  • your game stinks….the premiere league with only ten friggin teams…always the same 4 teams dominating every season…a season which doesnt seem to end. its piss weak. american football is superior, more teams, different champions, better strategy, everyone on each team is involved. get rid of that sorry sport and play grid iron already you little shits.

  • It’s extremely artistic moment in our life!

  • AoD3xXMasTerMinDXx

    Type PRIZE before youtube and hit enter

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    @jornoporno05 Jon Champion

  • This isn;t in order people :L

  • @crazyraoul09 I know!

  • jibberjabberman

    bentley the gavin henson of football

  • XxELiiTExxSkiiLZz

    @matablix it was on match of the day though, its not like whoever made this vid actually created it himself

  • These are goals of the month! not the year change the title!

  • whos the commentator at 3:08

  • Could it be more obvious that this was made by a spurs fan?

  • @alexowain Quite right