• TheMegaNiceGuy

    have you guys seen Colt NFL he is doing great for his rookie season! go COLT!

  • @Smo0ochMyGooch Stop thinking so hard dumb ass!Both ake big plays,made it to the NFL and let Texas to the national championship.Now I agree wit the fact they win using different method but both are excellent at throwing and running the ball.

  • we miss you this year colt…thank you for all the great plays and giving us the ability to have kickass game days at our homes for 4 years.

  • Smo0ochMyGooch

    NO! Vince has a cannon and is a lot faster and stronger than colt. Colt is more accurate and quick… Complete opposites on the QB spectrum. Both are playmakers in different ways: Vince Young= Big plays (deep passes, long runs) whereas Colt= Methodical drives (short/medium passes, quick 7 yard qb draws and shit).

  • KindomComeRUready

    Hope they show the Cleveland vs Pittsburgh game on tv cant wait to see colt

  • Great compilation. Two other plays come to mind. The strip fumble against Mizzou where he picked it up and completed a 20+ yarder to Quan Cosby. The other one was in the ISU game (where #1 came from) where he eluded the rush and went 40+ yards for the TD. Both were amazing!…OK…another was the bull rush against Rice…

  • #1 = amazing quarterbacking

  • Most wins in by a NCAA QB in History.Colt we will miss you…. Wish you the best in the NFL.You will always be apart of Texas.Hook Em

  • Just Pure Precision Passing and just endless heart…that’s football

  • welcome to Cleveland!

  • Colt Mccoy, thank you for what you have done for the Longhorns, i hope you have a great NFL career

  • Half of those amazing plays he threw into at least double coverage. On most of those he was more lucky than good.

  • OuSucksEveryDay

    Should have put the 2008 play against Missouri when they stripped the ball from him and he ran back up with it and threw it for like 15-20 yard gain.

  • um… his 8 yd run vs.rice. his 33 yd td pass 2 buckner vs. wyoming? and that pass vs. UCF was 88 yds. the pass vs. texas tech was 91

  • bevoalltheway

    I personally think it was, I didn’t see anyting better. And yes that was the longest, it was 96 yards and he had a 95 yarder against Tech last year.

  • that play against ISU was so not his best play ever. also that play VS> UCF was not his longest pass

  • generationkid

    hey man, dont forget about Jordan Shipley!