English Premier League 08/09 Compilation – Best Moments And Goals: 「Try To Remember」

2008/09 EPL Highlights
Best goals, highlights, and moments of the Premier League season 2008/2009 compilation.
No copyright infringement intended, all clips remain in the ownership of their creators.
This non-profit conent is for purposes of criticism & comment.

First song is Emancipator – Shook (Mobb Deep/Sigur Ros) www.emancipatormusic.com
Second song is Pekka Pohjola


  • 1:32…. was awesome!

  • @blue1991dbes im talking trophies won. anyway chelsea’s titles dont count because they bought them. and dont say utd bought them because we never spent over 100 million on players in one season

  • @mufc881 Lol last season you were crumbs of Chelsea’s table 🙂

  • in the premier league you have got man utd and liverpool.
    the rest are just crumbs off our table


  • @TheLaurenmariee
    Thats often the difference
    Liverpool = Bottle jobs
    Manchester United = Champions!

  • @CheerioChayka – Shook Ones Part 2 or 1 by Mobb Deep. I love this song Shook by emancipator(sigur ros & mobb deep)

  • KishenLovesLiverpool

    fantastic video….wished liverpool won tat season though!

  • Best EPL seaaon ever!

  • Every day I look at this vid thinking: “We waited 18 years for such a season…”

  • TheLaurenmariee

    Manchester UTD did not win this, Liverpool lost it.

  • CheerioChayka

    anyone know this remix? rap by mobb deep but what remix is it?…..great video…my favorite year.

  • CheerioChayka

    anyone know this remix? rap by mobb deep but what remix is it?…..great video…my favorite year.

  • the fken best

  • DesmondProductions

    @kubifan lol ar least 8-9/10

  • DesmondProductions

    @kubifan lol

  • @MikolajGalaCr7 Wow wanna die kid?

  • MikolajGalaCr7


  • liverpool should of wun it

  • ROllivierre68

    best league ever :'””)

  • @motherofdrinks manchester united always brings some of the best highlights each season…. you can never have to much of the best

  • B-E-S-T

  • Best football video EVER!

  • Beautiful video !

  • HighlightsOfSoccer

    @oasisinglaterra atleast one mexico understands something about england, respect for you man,

  • nunca superaranb la jugabilidad del pes clarooo fifa tone todas las licencias pero como deseraian que su juego y sus grafias fueran como las del pes

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  • Damn this vid looks so much better than the actual game.
    We want motion-blur EA!!!

  • 0:51 men that looks so real

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  • what music is thisM?

  • what music is thisM

  • what music is this

  • Selectation232

    Hopslyeeee. =D

  • go barca!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Asking about thumbs up is gay but still;thumbs up…if you never have from these awesome moments in Fifa 11 like you saw into the trailer!

  • TheTenaciousJosh

    does anybody else think the graphics here are better than in the game itself? it has motion blur here but it dnt in the game 🙁

  • DavidThaGoona

    6 people likes Barcelona

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  • Best Football League !

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  • Chelsea All The Way!

  • Go Everton ;D!

  • 1:07 come on arsenal

  • LOL When it shows them taking a picture with the trophy, I dont think there is actually a premier league trophy.

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