Sports Snobs – a PubGuys List

In yet another highly controversial PubGuys list we present the top 5 snobbish sports fans.

5. Professional Golf Fans

There is a need to separate golf players from professional golf fans. We are talking those that have the ability to sit down and watch countless hours of PGA coverage. Never, I mean NEVER, try to engage these people in a bar conversation while they are watching Thursday coverage of some random Tour stop. One of two things will happen, they will look at you as if you just interrupted the birth of their first child or they will ask you your opinion on D.A. Points win at Pebble Beach. Either way, you lose.




4. Soccer Fans

This might be completely different if we were anywhere other than the United States but looking out my window I see the Stars and Stripes. Soccer fans, or as they are very quick to point out to you… football fans just can’t seem to understand why Americans don’t like their sport and they are very quick to dismiss you as inferior when you inform them that you don’t care for it.






3. College Football Fans

This could be extended to all college sports fans.

While their love for their school is admirable, no one really wants to see you dressed in all maroon from head to toe while you are picking up donuts on a random Wednesday in June. The only saving grace about college sports fans is they usually only focus their snobbery on other college sports fans.






2. Tennis Fans

It seems that only rich people are true tennis fanatics and therefore their true snobbery comes flowing forth. I guess it is because only rich people seemed to play tennis in their youth so it is no surprise that they grow up to be big tennis fans. Unlike some of the other sports in this list, they can’t really help being snobs, they’re rich.







1.  Formula 1 FansObnoxious F1 Fans

This is a no brainer. F1 fans are so must more snobbish than every other sports fan they belong in a class by themselves. I have never met an F1 fan that is not overly condescending about every other form of racing. At the mere mention of NASCAR they will fly from across the room to bash it. They are the true champion of snobbery.