A Word on Insurance

Greetings to the PG Nation!

Last night the DFW area was pounded by some severe storms.  As a loyal PG1 I thought I would give the following advice on how to deal with your insurance company on making a claim.   It does help that I am an insurance agent when offering this advice! 😉

  1. Make sure you have enough damage to make a claim! Have a LOCAL roofing company come to your home and give you an estimate on the damage. They will get up on your roof and tell you that there is enough damage to justify roof replacement.  What you do not want to do is call the insurance company to send an adjuster to see if you have enough damage. What happens is the insurance will start an official claim and document everything. So if you only have 1000$ dollars worth of damage but your deductible is 1500$ they will tell you that there is nothing to pay out and close the case. However, the next storm will come through and you get hit again. They will require you to show that you got the 1000$ worth damage fixed before they will pay a new claim. This way you make the claim when you are sure there is enough to justify the full replacement.
  2. If you can wait to get repairs you should.  I know this sounds strange, but if you have hail damage on your car you should wait until about August to get it fixed.  The reason why is we are having a terrible hail season. There is huge chance more hail will damage your car. So if its drivable wait until the season is over then report one claim. Because every time you get your car fixed you have to pay your deductible. So try to only pay it one and get it fixed once.
  3. USE LOCAL PEOPLE!!!!!!  The roaches will be scrambling to get people down here to make money off the damage. Make sure anyone you use is local and insured.  If they disappear and repairs have to be done again because of their crappy work the insurance company will not cover it.  So make sure you are using a good company.

Every claim is different and every situation is different as well. If you have questions about if you should make a claim or not, call your agent. They can give you advice without starting official claims.  If you don’t have an agent then give me a call and I will give you the best advice I can. Or just email me at Curtis@thehainesagency.com


Have a great week and stay safe in these storms!


Curtis Haines

The Haines Agency