PubCast #63: Casey Anthony and Roger Clemens Found Guilty of Violating the Rheinheitsgebot

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PubCast #63

WARNING – This episode is NSFW

photo by Marcus McCurdy

Abandoned BaseballWe are the only podcast brave enough to record every episode from an actual pub.

On this exciting episode of the PubGuys PubCast:
We bid welcome to the new PubGuys intern, Elizabeth and welcome back, once again, our frequent collaborator, Curtis.

We take a glimpse into the life and times of Casey Anthony and her obviously disturbed family. A quick discussion over the allegations facing Roger Clemens, then it’s quickly onto Women’s World Cup (Hope Solo) and the Copa América (Hope Solo)

…and more!

Perjury” is our drinking game word of the day.
Please play along at home because, frankly, the more you drink, the better we sound.

The trivia question is:

What Germanic law is widely considered to be the world’s first Consumer Protection Law?
In what year was it established?

Cheers Bitches!

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This episode of the PubGuys was proudly recorded at Pockets in Euless, TX

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Music featured in this PubCast:
Intro: Suicide Man by NoCreeps
Break: Dark Minds by Astras
Break: Hit the Ground Running by The Loomers
Outro: The Polaroids Have Been Destroyed by Jetwelder

Other: Dog Lab by Benestrophe

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  • From HB71 (Texas Funeral Protest Law).

    (b) A person commits an offense if, during the period.
    beginning three hours [one hour] before the service begins and.
    ending three hours [one hour] after the service is completed, the.
    person engages in picketing within 1,000 feet of a facility or.
    cemetery being used for a funeral service.

  • From SB 198 (Texas Romeo and Juliet Law):

    (1) at the time of the offense, the defendant was not.
    more than four years older than the victim or intended victim.
    and the victim or intended victim was at least 15 [13] years of age; and.
    …(2) the conviction is based solely on the ages of the.
    defendant and the victim or intended victim at the time of the.

  • Why should Clemens go to jail for perjury if Clinton didn’t? Didn’t they both lie to Congress?