PubCast #68: Aggies do Minnow Shots with Redneck School Girls

Solving the World’s Problems, One Beer at a Time!

PubCast #68


We are the only podcast brave enough to record every episode from an actual pub!

On this exciting episode of the PubGuys PubCast:

The PubGuys head to the great white north of Lewisville and visit one of our favorite venues, Redneck Heaven. We evaluate the insanity of College Football conferences and the Aggies potential move to the SEC. We watch as the very brave PGWife Lisa downs a minnow laden tequila shot. We are visited by many tattooed (and one not), beautiful Redneck girls who could not wait to talk to us. Speaking of Rednecks, we discuss Perry’s bid for President and watch Bryan take the high road.

Drinking word of the day: Athletics

Please play along at home because, frankly, the more you drink, the better we sound.

The trivia question, brought to you by Buzzwordz Trivia, is:

What is the only US city with three major sports teams that all wear the same colors?

Cheers Bitches!

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This episode of the PubGuys was proudly recorded at Redneck Heaven in Lewisville, TX

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Music featured in this PubCast:

Intro: Suck City by Black Math

Break: Enigma Prognosis by Veneficum

Outro: Beer by Cory Morrow

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