• @bluemanchestercity shut it I can see your a man city fan and ill say this man city will never achieve as much as arsenal did ur only scum who have to much money to spend so fuck of city will never be a bigger club then arsenal

  • bluemanchestercity

    @SharinganLuigi 8-2.4-0 out of CL,2-0 out of FA cup, 7 years trophiless = crap club

  • @Paolio123 trust not to win you trophies

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  • @44Football4ever Sorry I thought u were united fan

  • 44Football4ever

    @SharinganLuigi I’m not a glory hunter. What makes you say that?

  • Good vid. Like you say, even if this club didn’t win anything for 100 years, its in our blood.

  • song name plz  the on that starts in the third minute

  • In Wenger we always trust, simple as

  • biggest scumbags in football william gallas and $AM1R NA$R1

  • @SyVanG10 m8 just shut up

  • @shaan14567 mate I hear u COME ON YOU GUNNERS!!!!

  • @44Football4ever good one mate why dont u fuck off glory hunting prick

  • @Xpressant vela is on loan (again)

  • @mattyman17 when you’re used to winning stuff for years on end and going fifty games unbeaten, 4th place is a tough pill to swallow

  • Oh no. Another top 4 finish. So hard to be an Arsenal fan.

  • I support Man U but i feel sorry for Arsenal. It’s sickening that you have clubs like Chelsea and City buying their success whne clubs like Arsenal and Liverpool, who actually deserve to win something, go trophyless for seasons.

  • I is a fantastic film 😀

  • bowlocheerios97

    the best thing about this “trophy drought” is that we know who the real fans are

    and if we win a trophy, those fans deserve it.


    what would you rather want to happen to ARSENAL
    A: aRSENAL dont make to the champion leage this year but win a cup next year
    B:win a fa cup or the champions leage

  • SuperArsenalNews


  • brunosupershow.blogspot.com

  • most uconsistant team in the prem coming from an arsenal fan btw

  • watch?v=PkoPZWAild0&feature=related

  • Gooner forever! <3 In Arsene We Trust, keep the faith! AFC is our true colours <3

  • @liver666pool Yeah right Suarez piece of shit 🙂

  • evra is a wanker

  • wake up man.. it so unpro if u dont shake hand after controversi u did.. public think u r star man.. u r an idol to them, so pls show good manners in field..

  • Nyaww Y u so sad Suarez u pussy boy, thats wat u get for not manning up to ur actions

  • @aShszZz2Z and u guys say ur not racists?

  • Im a liverpool fan, mad one YNWA but honestly both deserve a ban and apologise to each other

  • Evra, fuck yeah!!!!!!! GGMU

  • Hell Yeah Evra! Fuck Suarez dat dirty racist fuck!!! Evra was gunna shake his hand and Suarez had to disrespect him WTF stupid no fair play from Suarez he must be banned! VAMOS EVRA KEEP IT UP!!! xD

  • lol “nigger” that word is so outdated, i thought it faded away oh well

  • evra doesnt have any kids cause he cant pay child support filthy united scum nigga

  • @Kewlmarx Suarez didn’t get provoked. Evra’s actions just looked like a man who had gotten one over another person, not one who has been deeply hurt by racism. And if he could celebrate like this, why was he “emotionally stressed” so that he didn’t travel to Ajax?

    Evra is a dirty human being, a disgrace.

  • @AlekBro shut the fuck off suarez will smash you

  • @MissusFingerBottom I hate it when people say “it’s just a game.” I assure you, it’s much more than that. 😉

  • evras a fkn nigger, suarez will bash him

  • dirty frog cunt

  • People forget Evra loves the hype but all it does is make him look like a bigger Attention seeking DICK. At the world cup he confused the role of captain with that of a gang leader and Domenech was quoted as saying” by lending a hand to this masquerade and reading out himself the players’ statement, he has missed his final opportunity to show some style and courage.” Nothing has changed …..

  • MissusFingerBottom

    I never understood why men fight over football… it’s just a game 😉

  • good things come to good people, not naughty ones.

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  • @charrua007

    well said, from the start of the match till the end, i see nothing but evra trying to provoke Suarez and start a fight…he’s nothing short of a bitter cunt..and im just a netural

  • @ChimpieGDTKEJNTO
    because they dont have a brain like you

  • @SixtySky987
    evra isnt , but you are

  • Thunderforthetitle

    No how about you! MUFC for ever

  • evra se puede ir a la concha de la abuela!!!

  • evra and all the man u fans can go eat a fat cock!!!!!