PubGuys Rewind: PubCast #4 The Unedited Version

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PubCast #4: The Unedited Version


Warning: This episode of the normally G rated PubGuys is NSFW.

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If you have been a fan of the PubGuys for a long time or a particularly dedicated fan you will have heard us mention episode 4. This is a notable show for many reasons. One, it was the first appearance of PubGuy Mike or as he was called at the time MMA Mike. Second, it was the show in which we started to relax just enough to let the show come to us. Unfortunately, as was the rule in the early part of PubGuy’s history, we didn’t really have our identity yet. So we were still heavily editing the show. Part of this was as we were learning all the fun things about levels, talking on top of each other and the overall technical aspects behind a podcast. But another part was that we were not sure what we could and could not, or more importantly, what should try to get away with. For example, this show, as released on September 7, 2009, was just over 41 minutes. The uncut version presented here is 1 hour and 34 minutes. We actually edited out nearly an hour of content. I can assure you, that does not happen any longer.

So, if you can stand to listen to the lack of sound quality, it really is a good show. So the PubGuys proudly present – PubCast #4: The Unedited Version








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This episode of the PubGuys was proudly recorded at Rob’s Billiards & Sports Bar


Music Played in this episode:

Intro: Pitcher of Beer by The New Autonomous Folksingers

Break: Rocky Road to Dublin by Blaggards

Outro: Radiation Mutation Transformation by Nuclear Bubble Wrap


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