Beer Madness 2012

PubGuys 2012 Beer Madness Bracket - Micro Breweries Version

It’s no real secret that I love beer. I also love sports. I’m not, however, a fan of collegiate sports on any level (but that’s a topic for another post). Despite my dislike of collegiate sports, and collegiate basketball in specific, there’ a once-a-year tournament that takes the U.S. by storm and turns even middle-of-the-road fans into bracket-toting basketball-watching specialists. I’m of course talking about the NCAA March Madness tournament.

Last year, the PubGuys held their own March Madness tournament pitting beer against beer against beer until only one remained. That bracket was built 100% on beer that I had in my personal beer fridge. This year, in deference to our many listeners both local and world-wide, I have split the bracket into two. In the first bracket are the so-called macro brews that will appeal to listeners/drinkers the world over. The second bracket is populated by micro-brews that may not be available in certain regions or countries.

During the inaugural PubGuys Beer Madness Bracket, I drank the winning beers, relegating the losing beers to a lower shelf in the beer-fridge. This year, I will visit my local World of Beer to purchase the winning beers (every beer on the micro-bracket is available at my local World of Beer so should be fairly accessible in the U.S.). The top and bottom seeds in both brackets were established by my personal taste; the remainder of the brackets were randomly filled in.

I encourage you to download whichever bracket, or both brackets if you wish and play along.

May the best beer win.

(Download your brackets below)

PubGuys 2012 Beer Madness - Macro Breweries Version

Download the Macro Brewery PubGuys Beer Madness Bracket

PubGuys 2012 Beer Madness Bracket - Micro Breweries Version

Download the Micro Brewery PubGuys Beer Madness Bracket