Happy Holidays from The PubGuys

There is no denying that this time of year brings a certain magic to the air. Everyone seems just a bit nicer. The charity’s coffers are bit bulgier. We all smile just a little bit longer. While there is no doubt that there are those who suffer during this time, I think the world collectively […]

Lingerie Football Fight

Almost as good as Bikini soccer is Lingerie Football when a fight breaks out! OK, so it’s better…

A&M to the SEC

A&M to the SEC As the official College Sports PubGuy I have a few thoughts on A&M’s potential move to the SEC. For those of you who don’t live in Texas, or are like Kyle and just don’t care about college sports, allow me to give you just a little bit of background. Texas A&M […]

A Word on Insurance

Greetings to the PG Nation! Last night the DFW area was pounded by some severe storms.  As a loyal PG1 I thought I would give the following advice on how to deal with your insurance company on making a claim.   It does help that I am an insurance agent when offering this advice! 😉 Make […]

Sports Snobs – a PubGuys List

In yet another highly controversial PubGuys list we present the top 5 snobbish sports fans. 5. Professional Golf Fans There is a need to separate golf players from professional golf fans. We are talking those that have the ability to sit down and watch countless hours of PGA coverage. Never, I mean NEVER, try to […]


Ever wonder what words the PubGuys use the most in communicating with you, our loyal fans, with the written word? Yeah, me neither. But, Wordle thinks this kind of stuff is cool, and I do like the art it produces. Go on. Make your own Wordle over at

2011 Beer Madness

Here at the PubGuys we don’t really care about March Madness… ahem… Right. So, that’s me – PGKyle – that doesn’t really care about March Madness. That’s right. Basketball is a sufferable sport only barely and when it comes to the collegiate level – well, it’s my personal (and I should re-iterate here – personal) […]

The Six-Shooter

In an astonishing display of self-aggrandizing wish-fulfillment I request this: PGTerrill already has one and I cannot be left behind – but my budget is shot. So, in reply to my years of servitude and humour putting together this PubGuys thing, couldn’t someone please buy me one? Of course, I’m kidding. But, it is a […]

Nascar Crashes Compilation

Whether you like it or not, crashes are a part of the NASCAR sport – just as much as fighting is a part of hockey and flopping is a part of soccer. We’d rather not see it happen, but it does. Unlike the flopping allegory, however, when crashes occur, it can be pretty spectacular. Here’s […]

Remember the Alamo – 175th Anniversary

One hundred and seventy-five years ago today a letter was written pleading to the people of Texas and the United States to send aid and reinforcements to the small band of men, women, and children hold up in the Alamo Mission. Most of us know at least a little of the story of the Alamo but many […]

14 Bands I Have Seen in Concert More Than Once

In the interest of full disclosure, I see a LOT of music. I have been the webmaster for many bands over the years and currently am the webguy for three different musical acts. I go to a lot of Renaissance Festivals, Irish Festivals and Scottish Festivals all over the U.S. and keep my ear close […]

The Four Types of Wheat Beer

One of my locals, the Trinity Tavern, has a limited selection of beers (Coors Light, Bud Light, Stella Artois and Shiner Bock being the 4 on draught). They recognized this early on as a shortcoming, so they purchased a keg-o-rator at a local auction and they rotate specialty beers through that one tap. Their most […]

A Toast!

Here’s to the World, and the women we adore Both with problems, hard to ignore But solutions are plenty With a beer (or twenty) And the musings of the PubGuys four St. Patrick’s day is just around the corner and the PubGuys Drinking Team shirts are ready ( Can you write a better PubGuy limerick?

How To Say “Beer” in 49 Languages

I’m a traveller. I like to travel whether it’s a solo trip, a business trip or (best option) a trip with my wife. When I do travel one of the things I love most to do is scout out local beers and breweries and drink what the locals drink. I have also found over the […]

10 Movies I’ve Seen More Than 10 Times

10 Movies That I’ve Seen More than 10 Times Everyone has favourite movies. Even if you don’t really like movies all that much, you still have a favourite or two. You probably also have movies that you have seen over and over again whether through choice or happenstance. I’m hoping that your favourite movies are […]

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