Sports Snobs – a PubGuys List

In yet another highly controversial PubGuys list we present the top 5 snobbish sports fans. 5. Professional Golf Fans There is a need to separate golf players from professional golf fans. We are talking those that have the ability to sit down and watch countless hours of PGA coverage. Never, I mean NEVER, try to […]

10 Movie Mashups I Want to See

Just in time for the Oscars, I present 10 (well, 9 anyway) movies that would be shoe-ins…were they to be made. 1. Red Dawn of the Dead World War III breaks out leaving Patrick Swayze (Jed) leading a rag-tag band of kids (including Lea Thompson and Jennifer Gray) on the run. It’s not long before […]

14 Bands I Have Seen in Concert More Than Once

In the interest of full disclosure, I see a LOT of music. I have been the webmaster for many bands over the years and currently am the webguy for three different musical acts. I go to a lot of Renaissance Festivals, Irish Festivals and Scottish Festivals all over the U.S. and keep my ear close […]

Top Ten Sports Movies

In yet another highly controversial subject that the PubGuys are not afraid to take on we present to you the Top 10 Sports Movies: 10. Brian’s Song – The movie that made it ok to cry about sports. 9. Bad News Bears – The kids remind us of the way we were… OK, they way […]

How To Say “Beer” in 49 Languages

I’m a traveller. I like to travel whether it’s a solo trip, a business trip or (best option) a trip with my wife. When I do travel one of the things I love most to do is scout out local beers and breweries and drink what the locals drink. I have also found over the […]

The Razzies

The Golden Globes are behind us with all their glitz, glamour and drinking. The Oscars are right around the corner with yet more glitz and glamour and a huge helping of gloss. In between, and far more anticipated, are the venerable Razzies in their 31st year of (dis)honoring all the schlock that Hollywood continues to […]

The Best Submarine Movies

Easily one of my favorite movie genre’s. What better way to create tension than to shove a bunch of men (and sometimes women) in a tube, put them under water and shoot at them. On to the list… #10: K-19: The Widowmaker (2002) Harrison Ford and Liam Neeson. – When the Soviet Unions first nuclear […]

Top 10 Books (Downloaded Kindle Editions) of 2010

I’m a fan of books – hardback, paperback, pop-up, whatever. What I have not yet been able to embrace is the concept of e-Books. I don’t care what form the e-Book takes, I just can’t quite wrap my head around the concept. Please give me a physical copy of a book that I can read […]

Top 10 Top-Grossing Movies of 2010

2010 served up a wealth of movies in terms of quantity; in terms of quality, I found 2010 to be short of decent. Luckily for Hollywood, I’m one of the few that felt that way as certainly the movie-goers were still out there doing their movie-going part. Here are the top 10 money makers from […]

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