The Four Types of Wheat Beer

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One of my locals, the Trinity Tavern, has a limited selection of beers (Coors Light, Bud Light, Stella Artois and Shiner Bock being the 4 on draught). They recognized this early on as a shortcoming, so they purchased a keg-o-rator at a local auction and they rotate specialty beers through that one tap. Their most recent acquisition is the excellent Hoegaarden Witbier from Belgium. A conversation ensued and I was asked a question to which I had no ready answer. Research was done, now I know, and I impart it to you, the PGNation, because we want you to be the most well-informed beer-drinkers out there. So, to that end, I discovered that what we know as Wheat Beer can be broken into four distinct types of Wheat Beer.

  • The Weissbier (Weißbier) is a specialty Bavarian beer in which a not-insignificant portion of the malted barley is replaced with a different cereal: malted wheat. Weissbiers are top-fermented (see Top 14 Beer Styles by Fermentation Type) as required by German law and specialized strains of yeast are added to produce the banana, clove and apple notes that are common to the style. There are sub-categories of the Weissbier also. For instance, the most common type of Weissbier in the U.S. is the Hefeweizen (vulgarly known as “Hefe“). In the Hefewiezen, the yeast is not filtered out which creates a thick, white cloudy appearance. Also popular in Bavaria (less so, here in the U.S.) is the dunkles Hefeweiss (Dunkelweizen elsewhere in the world). This beer is brewed with very dark malts and results in a very dark, bready beer. The Kristallweiss, on the other end of the spectrum, is heavily filtered resulting in a very clear beer. The last two sub-varieties of the Weissbier are the Weizenbock and the Weizen Eisbock. The Weizenbock is typcially a strong (Starkbier or “strong beer”) beverage enjoyed during the cold winter months; it can also be referred to as Weizenstarkbier (literal translation: “Wheat Strong Beer”). The Weizen Eisbock uses a freezing proces similar to that used in an Eisbock to remove some of the water thus concentrating the result.
  • The Witbier (White beer) is very similar to the Weissbier but is brewed primarily in Belgium. It, too, is a top-fermented beer and is generally served unfiltered leaving the yeast in a semi-suspension imparting a cloudy or hazy appearance to the beer. The primary difference between the Weissbier and the Witbier is a causality of the Reinheitsgebot which dictates, in Germany, that no ingredients other than water, barley and hops can go into the brewing of a beer (yeast was a natural by-product and was not known to be part of the process until the 1800s so was not included in the original text of the law). While the Reinheitsgebot has long since been replaced by the Provisional German Beer Law, many German breweries still abide by the standards set forth in it. A similar law existed in 14th Century France (Belgium was at the time, a French territory) outlawing the use of hops in beer. Therefore, the Belgians had to experiment with ingredients other than hops. The modern Witbier is descended from those experiements and replaces hops with gruit – a mixture of coriander, orange, hops and bitter orange – resulting in a much less hoppy, and slightly more fruity beer. Since it’s an unfiltered, top-fermented beer, it continues to ferment after bottling.
  • The Berliner Weisse is a sour beer (Sauerbier) of around 3% ABV. In the 19th century, this cloudy beer was the most popular alcoholic beverage in Berlin and it is estimated that nearly 700 breweries in Berlin produced it. That number has since dwindled to only two. The name is protected, so a proper Berliner Weisse is one that is brewed in Berlin. However, the protection only extends to Germany, so you may find a Canadian or U.S. produced Berliner Weisse if you look hard enough.
  • The last Wheat Beer type is the Lambic which is a very distinctive type of beer brewed in the Pajottenland region of Belgium. Most beers are fermented by using carefully cultivated yeasts and introducing them carefully to the process. Lambics, however, are produced through spontanteous fermentation by exposing the beer to wild yeasts and bacteria native to the Senne valley. This highly distinctive and unusal process gives the beer a dry, cidery, almost wine-like taste with a slightly sour finish. Most modern Lambics go through a second fermentation prior to bottling.

There you have it. The four parent types of Wheat Beer and their children. The next time you go have a Wheat Beer of any sort, you now know where it come from and what the proper name is. For what it’s worth, I place them in this order in terms of my palate.

  1. Dunkelweizen (Weissbier)
  2. Weizen Eisbock (Weissbier)
  3. Witbier
  4. Weizenbock (Weissbier)
  5. Weissbier
  6. Hefeweizen (Weissbier)
  7. Kristallweiss
  8. Berliner Weisse
  9. Lambic



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We went to the tapping of Rahr's Snowmageddon, the 1 year anniversary brew of the roof collapse. It is a very good Imperial Oatmeal Chocolate Stout that is not overly oatmeally or chocolately. A slightly sweet start with a fantastic bitter finish.

The photo is the logo with the two brewmasters of Snowmageddon, James and Nick.

A Toast!

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Here’s to the World, and the women we adore
Both with problems, hard to ignore
But solutions are plenty
With a beer (or twenty)
And the musings of the PubGuys four

St. Patrick’s day is just around the corner and the PubGuys Drinking Team shirts are ready (

Can you write a better PubGuy limerick?

How To Say “Beer” in 49 Languages

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I’m a traveller. I like to travel whether it’s a solo trip, a business trip or (best option) a trip with my wife. When I do travel one of the things I love most to do is scout out local beers and breweries and drink what the locals drink. I have also found over the decades, that saying just the single word in a questioning manner will get you exactly what you want. So now, my good friend and fellow PubGuy, PGTerrill is soon to take a trip to a place that neither he nor I have ever been. Therefore, between my love for travel and his heading off to a new, exotic(ish) locale, I put together this list of words so that no matter where he goes, I go or you go in this large, strange, wonderful world, you can say beer in the native language.

If the alphabet is Cyrillic or Greek, I have attempted to provide a pronunciation. For the rest, you’ll have to muddle through with the pronunciation just like I do. A couple of beers always helps.
Or, you can print it out and just point. I’ve provided a handy PDF for you to do just that. The PubGuys are here to help!
Download: PubGuys Guide: How to Say Beer in 49 Languages

How To Say Beer
Language Beer Brewery
Afrikaans bier brouwerij
Albanian birrë fabrikë birre
Azerbaijani pivə pivə zavodu
Basque garagardoa  
Belarusian піва (piva) піваварны завод (pivavarny zavod)
Bulgarian бира (bira) пивоварна (pivovarna)
Catalan cervesa fàbrica de cervesa
Croatian pivo pivara
Czech pivo pivovar
Danish øl bryggeri
Dutch bier brouwerij
Estonian õlu õllevabrik or õlletehas
Filipino serbesa serbeserya
Finnish olut olutpanimo or panimo
French bière brasserie
Galician cervexa cervexa
German Bier Brauerei
Greek μπίρα (bíra) ζυθοποιείο (zythopoieío)
Haitian Creole byè Brasri
Hungarian sör sörfőzde
Icelandic bjór  
Indonesian bir tempat pembuatan bir
Irish (Gaelic) beoir grúdlann
Italian birra birreria or
fabbrica di birra
Japanese biiru jouzousho
Latvian alus alusdarītava
Lithuanian alus alaus darykla
Macedonian пиво (pivo) пивара (pivara)
Malay bir tempat pembuatan bir
Maltese birra birrerija
Norwegian øl bryggeri
Polish piwo browar
Portugese cerveja cervejaria
Romanian bere fabrică de bere or berar
Russian пиво (pivo) пивоваренныйзавод (pivovarennyi zavod)
Serbian пиво (pivo) пивара (pivara)
Slovak pivo pivovar
Slovenian pivo pivovarna
Spanish cerveza fábrica de cerveza or cervecería
Swahili bia kampuni ya bia
Swedish öl bryggeri
Turkish bira bira fabrikasi
Ukranian пиво (pyvo) пивоварний завод (pyvovarnyy zavod)
Welsh cwrw bragdy


And, now for a couple you’ll never use but are fun to know anyway.

How To Say Beer
Esperanto biero bierfarejo
Latin cerevisia bracino

Drink the good drink!

My 5 Favourite Prohibition-Era Cocktails

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On January 16, 1920 the 18th Amendment, after much lobbying by the Temperance Movement, went into effect making it illegal to manufacture, sell or distribute alcohol. The amendment did not, however, affect wine served in Church nor did it make it illegal to possess alcohol for private consumption. So, unless you had a huge wine-cellar of your own, or were a well-placed Bishop or Cardinal, you had two options to get your drinks. Option #1: distill your own. Option #2: visit the illegal speakeasies that were suddenly popping up all over the place. It’s human nature to want that which one cannot have, so the Noble Experiment meant to curb the consumption of alcohol only drove it underground and gave rise to a huge black market and organized crime (and NASCAR).
In any case there were no safeguards to ensure the quality of the alcohol being served and much of it was of an exceptionally poor quality. To combat this creative cocktails were born or surged in popularity to mask the poor quality of the liquor.

Finally, in March of 1933, 14 years and a few months after the 18th Amendment went into effect, President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Cullen-Harrison Act which made it once again legal to distribute  certain types of alcoholic beverages. Toward the end of the year on December 5th, the 18th Amendment was completely repealed and the Noble Experiment was concluded, but the drinks lived on.

To that end, I present – in no particular order – my 5 favourite Prohibition-era cocktails.

Whiskey Old-Fashioned
The Whiskey Old-Fashioned is so, well, old-fashioned. It existed prior to Prohibition, saw absolutely no decline in popularity, and emerged from Prohibition completely unscathed. The ability of the mixers to cover the wretched taste of the swill being served (or distilled) made it an easy staple.
1 sugar cube
1 teaspoon of water
2 dashes of aromatic bitters
Muddle the sugar, the water and the bitters in the bottom of an Old-Fashioned glass until the sugar dissolves.
Add 1 1/2 oz Whiskey, Rye, Bourbon, Canadian or Blended Scotch
Add 2-3 ice cubes and stir vigrously
Rub a thinly cut lemon peel across the rim then drop it into the glass

The Sidecar was created in France, but that did not stop it from becoming the most popular and some claim defining mixed drink of Prohibition-era United States. There are many, many sub-varieties of the Sidecar.
1 1/4 oz cognac
1/2 oz Cointreau
3/4 oz fresh-squeezed lemon juice.
Shake well with cracked ice
Strain into chilled, sugar-rimmed cocktail glass

Popular legend suggests that the drink was created in 1870 by Dr. Iain Marshall in honor of presidential candidate Samuel J. Tilden. the reality is, no one really knows for sure. What is known for sure is that this drink experienced a huge surge of popularity during this 14 year tumult and emerged the other side one of the most popular drinks in America. The Manhattan is my personal favourite when made properly, but there are so many variations that it’s easy to screw up.
2 oz rye whiskey or bourbon
1/2 oz sweet vermouth
2-3 dashes aromatic bitters
maraschino cherry for garnish
Serve over ice
As an aside, PGTerrill and I were in Manhattan and decided to go to Manhattans (the popularly held birthplace of the drink) to have a Manhattan. Mine was very expensive and not very good.

Bacardi Cocktail
With its proximity to Cuba, this drink was exceptionally popular in Florida and stood a pretty decent chance of having actual Bacardi in it.
1 1/2 oz light rum
1 /2 oz lime juice
3 dashes grenadine
Shake well with cracked ice
Strain into chilled cocktail glass.

Ward 8
Technically this cocktail originated in 1898, but it gained huge popularity during the Noble Experiment. Today, it’s rarely seen. I’d like to see it come back.
2 oz Bourbon or Rye Whiskey
3/4 oz Lemon Juice
3/4 oz Simple Syrup
Dash of Grenadine
Orange Slice for garnish
Maraschino Cherry for garnish
Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass

And that’s it. There are many, many others I could have included (Bees Knees, Barbary Coast, Mary Pickford etc.) but I chose to limit this list to only five for brevity’s sake.

If you have a favorite Prohibition-era cocktail, please share it.


Michael Vick has the key to get your dog!

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The most talked about individual in PubGuy history is at it again. Michael Vick receives a “Key to the City” from the Mayor Pro Tem of Dallas – Dwaine Caraway – on Superbowl Weekend angering other city officials. Apparently Dallas does not have very good controls on who gets or even who can give out the proverbial key to the city.

When criticized by the action Caraway said on The Ticket (1310 AM) that he did it “for the children”. What children was he talking about? The key was given to Vick at an event in which Vick spoke to children about staying in school and keeping out of trouble by using good judgment. A lesson that Caraway could have used prior to deciding to give the award to Vick.

This was just another black eye on Dallas at a time when the entire World was watching. Sad.

10 Movies I’ve Seen More Than 10 Times

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10 Movies That I’ve Seen More than 10 Times
Everyone has favourite movies. Even if you don’t really like movies all that much, you still have a favourite or two. You probably also have movies that you have seen over and over again whether through choice or happenstance. I’m hoping that your favourite movies are in that list of rewatches, but maybe they’re not. Below are 10 movies that I have seen more than 10 times and an approximate count. I’m not nearly so OCD that I have actually catalogued which movies I have seen multiple times and their counts. It’s also very possible that there are other movies that I have seen more than the 10 listed here. But, these are 10 movies, in no particular order, that I can definitely say without a doubt I have seen more than 10 times. Go ahead, rent these movies through iTunes. I’ve added the links for you.
In the meantime, leave your most-watched movies in the comments!

  • Rocky Horror Picture Show: This one probably shouldn’t count because it’s not so much that I’ve seen the movie more than 10 times; it’s more that I participated in the movie 100s of times. At the Forum 303 Movie Theatre in Grand Prarie, I started a year and a half run as Frank-n-Furter on Halloween eve 1987. Every Friday and Saturday night for those 18 months I donned the appropriate costume (if you’ve seen the wretched flick you know what I’m talking about) and acted out the scenes in front of a theatre full of rowdy high-school and college kids. My tally for this movie is in the hundreds – I have lost track.
  • Highlander: This one possibly shouldn’t count either. I worked at the Loews Theatre chain in Arlington when this movie came out. I would sneak in on every break and watch it. I would stay after my shift was over or come in early and watch it. I spent many an hour wasting my life in front of a Scotsman playing an Egyptian alongside a Frenchman that can barely speak English playing a Scotsman while learning to fight each other with swords. After all, “there can be only one!” The soundtrack by Queen was a bonus. My tally for this movie is certainly above 50, and probably closer to 100 than to 50.
  • Sound of Music: I grew up on this movie. I’ve been to that house. I’ve walked out on the frozen lake that the Von Trapp family singers boated on. I’ve toured the many places where the movie was filmed. And, like every child of an age, I’ve performed “So Long, Farewell, Auf Weidersehen, Good Bye” for politely nodding and smiling adults. This movie was a yearly staple on the telly and when it was re-released into theatres in the late 70s, my mum and I would walk to the theatre every day during the summer to watch it again. My tally for this movie is greater than 25.
  • Dangerous Liaisons: This is my favourite movie. Period. I love everything about it (except Keanue Reeves who is at least not horrible). I love the animosity between John Malkovich and Glenn Close. I love the tender young body of Uma Thurman and the striking beauty of Michelle Pfeiffer even as she was having her heart ripped out by John “it’s beyond my control” Malkovich as the brilliantly scheming Valmont. Other movies have tried to tell this story, Valmont and Cruel Intentions come to mind, but none can compare to the brilliance that is Dangerous Liaisons. My tally for this movie is north of 50.
  • Cars: What can I say? The movie is brilliant and both my wife and I will sit and laugh with each other every time this movie comes on. It’s one of a handful of movies we own that either of us can reach for and pop in with no argument from the other. It’s a great date-night movie. Tally is around 20
  • The Wizard of Oz: If you are my age (just over the hill) then you remember gathering as a family and watching the Wizard of Oz as it came on network television once a year. It was standard fare in the house because it’s, quite frankly, excellent family viewing. As a youngster the flying monkeys scared the beejeezus out of me. As a teenager, I was impressed by the special effects. As a young adult, I really wanted to know what it would be like to fall asleep in a field of poppys. As an adult, I was seeing horses of a different color of my own accord. Tally is close to 50.
  • The Breakfast Club: This movie came out during the end of my high school years and right in the middle of my very intense Ally Sheedy crush. Of course, I could identify with pretty much all of them (except Molly Ringwold who is an incredibly non-attractive dolt in every movie). The Brat Pack ruled! This was a huge date movie, too. Tally is around 20, but I don’t think I ever once watched it alone. I watched it again recently, and while the message is still relevant, the characters are very dated and oh, so very John Hughes.
  • Weird Science: This movie brought Kelly LeBrock into my life never to go away. Of course, it also brought the vision of Anthony Michael Hall with a bra on his head – also to never go away. ATM’s scene in the blues bar is one of my favourite scenes in any movie ever. This movie proved that even geeks and nerds could be cool. It’s all in the name of science. Weird Science. Tally is around 15
  • Star Wars: In 1977, my father bundled my sister and I into the car and we drove to downtown Salt Lake City to a theatre at Trolley Square where we stood in a queue that was huge. My memory says we waited for hours; I have no idea what the reality was. What I do know is that my little 10 year old brain could only barely comprehend what was going on on that huge silver screen, but what it did comprehend, it LOVED. It loved with a fervor and a passion that is only possible in the minds of ten year olds. This was ground breaking and so, so real! My next years were molded on the fact that I was a Boy Scout and I was going to be one of the first people in space. I was going to be Luke Skywalker! Instead, I’m a PubGuy – but that’s ok, too. Movie viewing total is near 50.
  • Empire Strikes Back: Screw Star Wars. This is the Empire Strikes Back and it kicks Star Wars nuts all up and down the block. What an amazing movie. I was no longer young enough to believe that I could really get into space, much less be a light-sabre wielding whiny bitch boy like Luke Skywalker. Hell no. But, what I could be was a scruffy nerf-herder like my new hero, Hans Solo! And, I was going to marry Princess Leia. No doubt about that. Oh the dreams that are created by movies. Count: 40-50

That’s it for now. Those are 10 movies that have been watched by me 10 or more times.


Top 14 Beer Styles by Fermentation Type

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Despite the fact that there are many, many varieties of beer out there, the classification system can be boiled down to only two styles: Top-Fermented beer and Bottom-Fermented beer. In top-fermented beer, the yeast sits on top of the wort as it ferments. In the other type, bottom-fermented beer, the yeast sinks to the bottom for fermentation. It’s a large distinction and should be noted.
Below are the top 7 beers fermented by each method.

Top-Fermented Styles Bottom-Fermented Styles
Ales Lagers
Stouts Pilsners
Porters Viennas
Weissbiers Rauchbiers
Witbiers Bocks
Berliner Weisse Dortmunder
Lambic Märzen

Help Me…I am being held hostage!

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You know, there is a thin line between having the flexibility to “work from home” and being forced to be couped up with your loving family for days on end with no HOPE FOR ESCAPE!!  And that is where most of us find ourselves this week in lovely North Texas.  Just in time for the “big game” coming to the DFW area, we get put back into the ice age.

Now don’t get me wrong…I love my kids..and my wife.  But DAMN…..there is a reason I work in an office.  I guess if anything, this should give me a whole new appreciation for my wife’s plight as a stay-at-home mom..and one that runs her business out of the house!  That is what SHOULD happen…instead, I just wish to get the hell away, just for the day.  Amazingly, all of the “things” we have bought our kids to entertain them..they have not played with (insert DVD players, Xbox, computer games). Oh hell no! For this week of fun, they want only to be with you..on top of you…asking you the same questions over and over.

So what does a week like this teach us?  Stock up on an emergency supply of alcohol and ear plugs!

Stay warm!

The PubCast That Almost Was

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Solving the World’s Problems, One Beer at a Time

We hyped it a lot.
You tuned in to listen and watch – well, as much as you could anyway.
There were massive technological snafus going on that we just couldn’t overcome.
But, that’s alright, we were recording and everyone who didn’t catch it live could download and listen to it at their leisure.
In a rare instance of the PubGuys failing to deliver, we are failing to deliver. The recording turned out to be no better, and in many spots worse, than the sporadic and spotty live feed you were trying to watch or listen to. We are truly, truly sorry! However, in true PubGuys fashion we are NOT giving up and hope to try a LIVE show again sometime in the (near) future.

Until then, we thought we’d go ahead and put out the shownotes as though we were actually releasing the show. We will not, however, enumerate this one. So, instead of being PubCast #54, it will instead be known as “The PubCast That Almost Was”

We started the show with the ever-popular 2 or 20. We cannot listen to it to glean what the gut-answers were, but here are the questions.

  1. Big Bang Theory or How I Met Your Mother?
  2. Mother or father?
  3. Pop or soda?
  4. Pepsi or Coke?
  5. Drunk or high?
  6. Sky dive or scuba dive?
  7. Navy or Army?
  8. Rambo or Rocky?
  9. Philadelphia or Detroit?
  10. Kid Rock or Eminem?
  11. Enema or suppository?
  12. Red pill or blue pill?
  13. Science-fiction or fantasy?
  14. Mordor or Gondor?
  15. Diamond ring or pearl necklace?

We spent a few moments on some of them after the fact. I mean, really PGMike, how could you NOT choose Kid Rock over Eminem and still choose Suppository. :-)

PGMike ran down a relatively comprehensive list of Superbowl parties to which the PubGuys did NOT get invited, including the one where that hack Deion Sanders is going to be (bring it!).
PGTerrill & PGKyle tackle the ongoing debate regarding HB660 & HB602 and what it may or may not mean for the Craft Beer industry in Texas. Check out PGKyle’s “My Thoughts on Texas Beer Legislation” for more info and a fancy chart.

PGMike plays Count the Red Flags over the story of a German porn star who underwent 6 (six!) breast enlargements by the time she was 24 and died during (or immediately after – it was murky) her last augmentation.

PGMike also challenges PGTerrill and PGKyle on their decision to not frequent Rob’s quite as much. He believes, wrongly, that it’s because PGKyle & PGTerrill are afraid to play him in pool (hah!). PGTerrill & PGKyle then spend a few moments on the virtue of a smoking ban (see PGTerrill’s excellent article called Why You Should Support a Statewide Smoking Ban in Texas” and try to convince PGMike that our absence from Rob’s is purely a health choice (and a desire to not be stinky after leaving a bar).

Lastly, PGTerrill and 11 year old PGSon Kyle re-hash the Michael Vick question. The verdict? “Real people don’t kill dogs.”
(Can he vote, yet?)

The drinking game word of the day was “Special”
We’d invite you to play along at home, but instead, you’ll have to make up your own game.
But always remember, the more you drink, the better we sound.

Cheers Bitches!

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My Top 7 Pet Peeves About Driving

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Everyone hates a bad driver, but there are some things I hate so much more than others. Here are my top 5 pet peeves and their attendant laws in the Texas Transportation Code where applicable.

Turn SignalsIndicators: Turn signals, blinkers, whatever you want to call them. They’re there for a reason; use the damn things!
It is in fact, the law in Texas:

(a) An operator shall use the signal authorized by Section 545.106 to indicate an intention to turn, change lanes, or start from a parked position.
(b) An operator intending to turn a vehicle right or left shall signal continuously for not less than the last 100 feet of movement of the vehicle before the turn.
(c) An operator may not light the signals on only one side of the vehicle on a parked or disabled vehicle or use the signals as a courtesy or “do pass” signal to the operator of another vehicle approaching from the rear.
Acts 1995, 74th Leg., ch. 165, § 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1995.

Oh, and by the way, just because you’re in a turn-only lane doesn’t mean you don’t have to use them. It’s still the law, and it’s still the right thing to do.

Left Lane SignsSlow in the Passing Lane: Really, how hard is it? When you are travelling slower than the rest of the traffic get the hell out of the Passing Lane (also known as the Fast Lane or the Overtake Lane) and move to the right side of the road where you belong. You and your oblivious take on the highway scene are putting other drivers in unncessarily dangerous conditions. Besides, once again, it’s the law.

(b) An operator of a vehicle on a roadway moving more slowly than the normal speed of other vehicles at the time and place under the existing conditions shall drive in the right-hand lane available for vehicles, or as close as practicable to the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway, unless the operator is:
(1) passing another vehicle; or
(2) preparing for a left turn at an intersection or into a private road or driveway.
Acts 1995, 74th Leg., ch. 165, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1995.

Don't Block the BoxBlocking an Intersection: How selfish or oblivious do you have to be to ignore this common courtesy? If there is a cross street or parking lot entrance/exit do not block it! First off, it’s just common decency and courtesy to let someone cross your lane or enter your lane from a cross street or parking lot. There’s nothing that makes you so special that this is not the right thing to do. Secondly, what would you do if an emergency vehicle needed through that area you just callously and selfishly blocked? If conditions are dire enough, that emergency vehicle might just need to nudge you out of the way. What then? Oh, and by the way, it’s the law! (I’ve removed irrelevant parts, but here’s the full code for §545.302)

(a) An operator may not stop, stand, or park a vehicle:


(3) in an intersection;


(f) Subsections (a), (b), and (c) do not apply if the avoidance of conflict with other traffic is necessary or if the operator is complying with the law or the directions of a police officer or official traffic-control device.

Cutting the QueueQueue Jumpers: While I could find no specific law regarding this, it sits high on my list of all time pet-peeves across pretty much every category. What in the name of all that’s good makes you so special that on this stretch of asphalt you don’t have to wait in the same queue that everyone else is waiting in? I’ll tell you – NOTHING. That’s right. Nothing at all. You might have a bigger, better, faster, sexier car than me. You might even have a better job than me. It’s possible that your little circle of friends has pumped up your ego so much that you feel you really are better than everyone else; but, you are not. You’re a little, insignificant hominid just like me. The biggest difference between the two of us is that you are rude!

Handicapped PlacardHandicap Usurpers: Ohhh, these piss me off. They’re just like the jackass that jumps the queue, they think they’re more special, somehow more important than everyone else. What they really are is just plain lazy. And rude! Oh, and what do you know…it’s against the law!

(L) A person commits an offense if the person:
(1) stands a vehicle on which are displayed license plates issued under Section 504.201 or a disabled parking placard in a parking space or area for which this chapter creates an exemption from payment of a fee or penalty imposed by a governmental unit;
(2) does not have a disability;
(3) is not transporting a person with disability; and
(4) does not pay any applicable fee related to standing in the space or area imposed by a governmental unit or exceeds a limitation on the length of time for standing in the space or area.

It seems that the city of Austin has had it with Handicap Spot usurpers, too.

Tailgater LosesTailgaters: Again, I could find no specific law against tailgaiting which is unfortunate. According to Wikipedia (unverefied resource), nearly 1/3 of all auto accidents are caused by tailgaiting, but more to the point, it’s just insensitive and rude. If you need by me, go around me – I drive on the right side of the road. I won’t brake-check you, although it’s tempting, because that, too, is rude and could result in road-rage on your part (if you’re already tailgaiting me, I really don’t want your rage focused on me) or an accident. So, please, just stay off my ass.

Slalom: This one really goads me. Is it really so critical that you arrive at your destination so quickly that you’re willing to put your life, and the life of others on the line? This is not an Olympic event. No one is timing you (and if they are, shame on them), and you really, really should not be slaloming in between cars like you were some downhill speed demon. Be kind, be respectful of the laws of the road and of your fellow drivers. No one likes an idiot behind the wheel of the most deadly weapon invented by man.

That’s my top 7. There are many, many more (cellphones, texting, speeding through school zones, not stopping for school buses, etc.)  but I’ll save those for a follow-up post, or perhaps one of my fellow PubGuys would like to take a stab at the ones I didn’t touch on.

That’s all for now. Keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up.



CANCELLED: PubGuys Head back to the Pub (Pockets Billiards)

Posted on | February 1, 2011 | Comments Off on CANCELLED: PubGuys Head back to the Pub (Pockets Billiards)

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We want the entire PGNation to be safe and warm. So, we have cancelled tonights show so that all of you can stay safe and join us next week!

Have a safe, warm evening!

Wednesday, February 2 · 6:30pm – 8:00pm

Location Pockets Billiards (Industrial Blvd in Euless)

More Info We tried the studio…but just can’t stay away from our friendly pub much longer! Brave the cold and come see us!

Westmalle Dubble

Posted on | February 1, 2011 | Comments Off on Westmalle Dubble

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Mild by Trappist standards,. Decent flavor but pretty unremarkable.

Rochefort 10

Posted on | February 1, 2011 | Comments Off on Rochefort 10

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A Tappist beer that reminds me of a chocolate stout. You have to sip
this slow to get the great flavors. Watch out, it is a 10% beer,


Posted on | February 1, 2011 | Comments Off on Barbar

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Barbar (styled Barbãr) is a Belgian beer known for its honey-based
flavor. The honey is used with malted wheat and hops in the
fermentation process, which yields a sweeter, richer beer.
Being a honey-based ale some postulate that it is based on the old
Viking alcoholic beverage “mid”; although the recipe for this beer is
a closely kept secret of Lefebvre, and the origins of this beverage,
as stated by Lefebvre, are from an old family recipe.

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