Who are we?
That probably isn’t as important as WHAT are we? We are you (wow…profound). We are just three four five  guys, who like everyone else have bills to pay, mouths to feed, and are all waiting to hit the lottery.

We have, for many years, always enjoyed the company of friends for a good dose of Happy Hour Therapy. We cover a pretty wide range of social, political, and religious points of view (ok..probably more sports than religion). It is amazing the topics that can be covered while sitting around a table at a bar or tavern, sharing a pitcher of beer, maybe some scotch or even wine.
We are all local to the North Texas area. You will likely find no topic that one of us doesn’t feel passionately about, and even more likely, someone else will disagree with him.

So…who are we, why are we here (for those favoring a more poetic retort): Once, a long time ago, three gentlemen in the North Texas area got together for a beer or two. Bryan, Kyle & Terrill began a discussion that, many years later evolved into PubGuys. We soon realized that the PubGuys were bigger than the three of us, so Mike joined us at the table bringing his own expertise and humor. Soon after, as we realized that the “Guest Mic” was never empty, we decided to fill it on a permanent basis by adding our fifth member to the table – Curtis, who also brings with him insights and points of view askew to the rest of the Pubguys.

Now, fully realized we present the PubGuys PubCast (what we call our podcast) for your listening (dis)pleasure.

Together, the five of us provide dissenting commentary, humor and insight into this grand carousel called life. We will alternately infuriate you and tittilate you. But, in every case, we want to hear from you.


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