PG Blog: Sherlock Holmes – a Review

Sherlock Holmes is, make no mistake about it, a Guy Ritchie film from the first moments. But, it’s a Guy Ritchie film about one of the most iconic characters ever and in my opinion, a right fun rolicking flick. The film suffers from an anemic plot, but sparkling performances from Rachael McAdams as Irene Adler […]

PubCast #6: Sam Bradford Drunk Dials from Belgium, While Barack Obama Reviews Inglourious Basterds with America’s School Children

PubCast #6 (WARNING: This episode contains explicit language and is NSFW) Rated R: Listener discretion is advised! Daddy’s Kryptonite In depth discussion of Inglourious Basterds **SPOILER ALERT** (10:13 – 19:35) Was a stoner….is a stoner…will be a stoner (The Clerks II Viewing Game) Blowing Off Millions, All in the Name of Glory (Sam Bradford Story) […]

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