Beer Madness 2012

PubGuys 2012 Beer Madness Bracket - Micro Breweries Version

It’s no real secret that I love beer. I also love sports. I’m not, however, a fan of collegiate sports on any level (but that’s a topic for another post). Despite my dislike of collegiate sports, and collegiate basketball in specific, there’ a once-a-year tournament that takes the U.S. by storm and turns even middle-of-the-road fans into bracket-toting basketball-watching specialists. […]

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2011 Beer Madness

Here at the PubGuys we don’t really care about March Madness… ahem… Right. So, that’s me – PGKyle – that doesn’t really care about March Madness. That’s right. Basketball is a sufferable sport only barely and when it comes to the collegiate level – well, it’s my personal (and I should re-iterate here – personal) opinion that college should be […]

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